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Question:the green algae



Answers:disadvantages would be that they would not varry exept when a mutation happends and that would make them have a bigger chance to die if one of them gets sick advantages are that there are alot of them and they can reproduce fast there is even an algae that is a 100miles long and since its under trees it sucks all the water up and there is no water 4 trees D=

Question:1.How is sexual reproduction different from sexual reproduction? Describe each of these types of asexual reproduction. (Binary fission, budding, vegetation reproduction, and mitosis) make sure to compare chromosome number of the cells or cells in the offspring to the chromosomes number in the parent cell or cells. 2. Describe asexual reproduction in plants. include in your answer the following terms: flowers, pollen grains, ovules, pollination, sperm, fertilization, zygote and endosperm. PLZ HELP NO CLUE WHAT IM DOING IN BIO thx

Answers:1. sexual rep.= involves gametes asexual= without gametes BINary fission: a form of asexual reproduction mitosis: a type of cell reproduction which occurs in a somatic cell wherein one parent cell produces two daughter cells with the same no of chromosomes.

Question:Seeds develop after a flower has been pollinated with pollen from the same plant . After it has been placed in water, a cutting from a plant develops roots. After it is transplanted to soil, the plant survives and grows. Please explain whyyyyy pleaseee !

Answers:Sexual reproduction involves taking two "half-cells" (aka gametes) and merging them together into a "whole-cell" (aka zygote) that develops into an embryo. This allows the organism to reshuffle the genetic deck with each offspring - it gets half from one parent and half from the other. Asexual reproduction is simply the derivation of a new, essentially identical individual from a parent. Cloning, in other words. No genetic variation required.