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Air Pollution Charts and Graphs

Air pollution charts and graphs are basically a pollution analysis of the surrounding environment. This is very important aspect for controlling the air pollution in our surrounding environment. Environment pollution is increasing day by day so this tool is really beneficiary to understand the actual scenario of the environment. If this is carefully done and used, then we can easily reach to the root cause analysis approach. And then we can take preventive measures in controlling the air pollution.

Now in every body’s mind there will be definite question that why we need to control the air pollution. The simple answer is that it can create great harms to the living beings. This air pollution can create lot of problems such as asthma etc in human beings. If this will continuously increase, then the day is not far when it will be difficult to take oxygen from the environment. There can be other serious major problems for this dangerous pollution.

Government has already setup various pollution centers in different parts of world. But it is generally established in polluted area. No doubt it really a good initiative to control undesirable air pollution. But important point here is it is only established after the pollution of environment. Anyways initiative taken by different countries government is a benefit for living beings. It shall be applied to the areas where the air pollution is very less or negligible, so that the air pollution will not increase. The Air pollution charts and graphs shall be prepared and properly analyzed so that air pollution can be prevented at very early stage.

Other preventive measures shall also be regularly checked and monthly basis report shall be prepared to analyze complete situation, such as NOx, Sox emission the chart and graph for different years shall be analyzed to calculate the percentage of increase in pollution. The air pollution charts and graphs are usually prepared by the average value concepts.  The average is generally done so that one can have a real estimation of the facts and figures related to the pollution. From above information it is very clear that these charts and graphs have real importance in every pollution control activities.

One should remember that this data shall be readily available on the city at some location and on web sites, so that the general people should understand the importance of the controlling the pollution. If the general awareness is given to general public then only the real pollution can be controlled. This is because if they are aware then they will definitely use the fossils fuels and other polluted effluents in a controlled way.

The other effective measure is the growing of trees in the surrounding. This factor shall be taken according to the planning of the government as well as individual can also take initiative to achieve this.  So joint effort is required to control the position. The importance of graphs and charts shall be clearly defined in the charts and graphs itself so that everybody can understand it easily without any hindrance. So this is all about air pollution charts and graphs.