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Air Exerts Pressure Experiments

Air exerts pressure experiments are an important tool which describes the role of air in exerting the pressure with related experiment. By the experiments, it is very easy to understand the concepts of problem. Experiment can be simple or complex. But to understand the phenomenon the experiment shall be as simple as possible. To conduct experiment it is always important to understand the basic concept and arrange all necessary equipments required for conducting the experiment.  Now to understand about air exerts pressure experiments, we will take very simple experiment. The same simple experiment is described below:

Let us understand how air exerts pressure by the simple experiment. For conducting the experiment, following equipments are required which are as follows:
1) Tin can with the covering lid.
2) A tripod stand
3) Burner and
4) Water

With the help of above equipments, we will conduct air exerts pressure experiments. Steps of the experiments are given below:
1) First of all it is required to fill half of the tin can with water.
2) Then you have to light the burner. The next step is to place the tripod above the burner such that the burner is in the center position of the tripod stand.
3) Then you have to place the tin can on the tripod stand. After that you have to wait till the water boils.
4) After that you have to extinguish the burner and then after you to closed the lid of the tin can.
5) After this the closed lid tin can shall be placed under the running water. You can place just below the tap of the water.
6) After carefully observing the tin can, you will see that the can shape is distorted. The important question here is why the tin can shape distorted.

The reason for the change in the shape of can is the pressure which is decreasing in the tin can. Once we place the above tin can under running water, the condensation process takes place. Because of the condensation some steam inside the tin can is condensed into the water, which actually decreases the air pressure inside the tin can.  In this position the pressure inside the tin can is less the pressure from outside the can. And this external higher pressure compressed the can and hence the shape of the can is distorted.

So the air exerts pressure experiments are clear from the above example. It is now very clear from above example that air exerts a pressure. In above example we have seen that when steam is condensed the shape of can implode, because of the higher external pressure. And when the steam is not condensed inside, than in that case there is no problem of implosion.  This experiment clearly indicates that air exerts a pressure. It is also important to note that the whenever there is increase in the wind speed, there is always a reduction in the air pressure accompanying it. This is also one of the important basic conceptual points to understand various other air pressure experiments.