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Advantages of Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is the mode of protecting endangered animals and plant species and their habitats. Wildlife conservation also ensures that the future generations can enjoy and recognize the importance of wildlife and lands of wilderness. In many nations, government agencies are dedicated to wildlife conservation. These agencies help to implement the policies that are designed to protect wildlife. There are many non-profit organizations that also promote causes of wildlife conservation. Conservation of wildlife has become and increasing important practice due to the effects that are caused by human activity on wildlife. Human activity has negative effects on wildlife resulting in animal extinction, habitat loss etc.

Threats to wildlife are as below:
  • Habitat loss: There is loss of wildlife habitat every year. Destruction, degradation and fragmentation of habitat is the primary reason for habitat loss and wildlife survival.
  • Human activities like agriculture, gas and oil extraction and development of water diversion have dramatically changed the ecosystem.
Other causes of wildlife destruction are
  • Pollution,
  • Over exploitation of resources,
  • Unregulated poaching and hunting,
  • Global warming and climate change.
Conservation of wildlife and sustainable farming practices are becoming more prevalent across the sub-Saharan Africa. There are lot advantages of wildlife conservation to the farmers of Zimbabwe.

Wildlife conservation could benefit human existence in the following ways:
  • Economically,
  • Medically and scientifically
  • Aesthetic and recreational activities and
  • Ecologically
Advantages of Wildlife Conservation:
  1. Economically benefits of wildlife were focused on the plants and animals being source of food.
  2. Currently they are economically beneficial having outdoor recreational activities.
  3. Medically conservation of wildlife is important as about 80% of the world's population extract their source of medicine from plants.
  4. Plants also help produce more oxygen, regulate water sources and also convert solar energy to chemical energy.
  5. Creating wildlife aesthetic wildlife is the main motivation for recreational activities.
  6. Conservation of wildlife can also give way to ecotourism. Ecotourism is a potential source of revenue in many countries.
  7. Wildlife conservation will have good effect on other resources of the ecosystem.