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Advantages of Thermal Power Plant

Advantages of thermal power plant is a tool in which we will focus on to the advantages of thermal power plant. Before we understand this it is important to understand the basic important concepts of thermal power plant.

Basically thermal power is the plant which utilizes the energy of the coal to produce electricity. The thermal power is governed with the laws of the thermodynamics. The thermal power is basically divided into two main parts, one is the complete set of the Boiler, Turbine and generator and other is its balance of plant which helps in executing the main parts of the boiler. Furnace is the most critical part of the boiler of thermal power plant, where actually the firing takes place. Inside the furnace the firing takes place and energy is transferred to water by three important processes. One of the processes is conduction, other important process is convection and last process is radiation. With all of these processes the energy is transferred and basically steam is produced. This steam is then passed to the turbine and this turbine has blades inside it.

Based on design requirements, sometimes to increase the efficiency, the steam turbine is divided into the sub parts such as high pressure steam turbine, intermediate pressure steam turbine and two other low pressure turbines. And the turbine is finally connected to the generator. And hence finally turbine gives drive to the rotor of the generator and finally the electricity is produced. This electricity is transmitted everywhere by the transmission lines with the help of transformers.

After understanding the basics of thermal power plant, now we will learn about the advantages of thermal power plant. The detailed advantages of thermal power plant is given below:
1) We know that the coal is the resource or fuel to produce electricity; it is easily available fossil fuel.  It means that the advantage of thermal power plant is that it uses coal as a fuel which is easily available in nature.
2) It produces more electricity in comparison to the wind and solar power plant. The size of the thermal power plant is up to 1000 MW. And most of the power producers are dealing with sizes 660 MW or higher, basically they are dealing with supercritical boilers. While the size of solar and wind power plant is always less than 100 MW.
3) Since it produces enough electricity, so it plays a major role in the development of the country. Because of this now villagers are also uplifting their living standards.
4) Like nuclear power plant, thermal power plant has no danger in passing the harmful radiations.
5) In comparison to all other types of power plant, the electricity produced by the thermal power plant is cheapest.
6) Thermal power plant requires lesser area in comparison to the other power plant. Nowadays because of the development, all compacted boiler and turbines are available which further reduces the area of the thermal power plant.
7) By the help of the chimney and ESP design, it fulfills the environmental pollution department requirements.

Hence we have seen that setting up a thermal power is directly related to the growth of the country.