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Clover Park Technical College

Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) is located in Lakewood, Washington, in the United States, 42|mi|km south of Seattle. It has an enrollment of 3,500 full-time and 18,000 part-time students. The areas of study offered are

  • Technology, Natural Sciences & Design
  • Health & Human Services
  • Business & Computer Technology
  • Core Academics & Development Education

CPTC offers up to a two-year, Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) degree, depending on the program. Details are available from the college’s web site, below. The college is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

CPTC has a 124|acre|km2|sing=on main campus in Lakewood, and a 49000|sqft|m2|adj=on Aviation Training Complex at Thun Field in Puyallup. Since 2002 the college has undergone an extensive construction program to convert what was once a WWII navy supply base into a modern, pedestrian-oriented campus. The College employs 478 full- and part-time faculty, exempt and classified salaried employees.

CPTC recently created the Northwest Career & Technical High School. NWCTHS provides an innovative program which allows high school students to complete their diploma while simultaneously taking classes in their career program. In Fall of 2003 NWCTHS opened with 21 students. In 2005 it had 16 graduates. The NWCTHS currently has around 80 students.

The college was created by the Clover Park School District in 1942 as a vocational school to train 3,500 civilians as auto mechanics for the nearby McChord Field and Fort Lewis Army Post, and shipfitters, welders and blueprint readers for Tacoma shipyards.

After the war training was expanded to include aircraft mechanics, and Civil Aeronautics Administration certification. In 1954 the vocational school moved to its current location, and since has added over 50 training programs in a wide range of specialties.

Originally named "Clover Park Vocational Technical Institute," in 1991 the school became Clover Park Technical College when the Washington state legislature passed the workforce training bill, converting the state's five two-year vocational schools into technical colleges, and joining them with the state's 29 community colleges.

The school is the home of I-91 FM-KVTI, a 50,000 watt, student operated radio station and "CollegeVision" (Comcast ch28 and Click! ch89) which is an educational cable channel available in Pierce County.

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Answers:Many benefits include a technical education and an education in a technical manner





Question:First a bit about myself. Im a 40 year old male. I live in Dayton Ohio. I have most of my life worked in factory based jobs, and due to the economy as of late i have found myself going through many stages of unemployment. I qualify for a program through unemployment that pays for all of my tuition at school for up to 2 years. I would like to take advantage of this. I am interested in taking something techincal-computer related such as something related to computer networking. There are two schools in my area which offer programs in this, both programs last roughly 18 months and upon completion you earn an associates degree. One school is ITT Tech, the other is a actual 2 year college-Sinclair Community College. I feel that i would probably fit in better at ITT tech for some reason. It seems as if they are geared more at working with older people instead of kids straight out of high school. But i am concerned that would my degree mean as much coming from there? What would the quality of education be from there? Through my research i have read quite a few complaints of people going to similar schools which turned out to be diploma mills, they basically were rushed through a program, handed a diploma and gained little education or skill from it. I dont want to fall into a situation like this. Has anyone here had any dealings with ITT tech, or the other school i mentioned-Sinclair? If so what are your feelings regarding them?

Answers:As a former hiring manger at IT company I did not take an account heavily for those diploma. I evaluated more from community college or public trade tech college diploma. I have tested the basic knowledge to both applicants and resulted community college graduates were far excelled 80% of the time. But this is only my view point.

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Career Technical Education Overview :This video provides an overview of the programs in Cypress College's Career Technical Education Division.

Mesquite ISD Career & Technical Education :The Mesquite ISD Career & Technical Education Program allows you to get hands on experience and training in a variety of skills and careers. You can even earn college credits and get paid while going to school! Learn new skills, get college credit, earn a real paycheck. In an increasingly competitive job market, Mesquite ISD's Career and Technical Program can give you the extra step you need toward your future.