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Advantages of Soaps and Detergents

Soaps and detergents are substances when dissolved in water have the ability to remove dirt from surfaces like the human skin, textiles and other solid surfaces.

Soaps are salts of sodium or potassium of higher fatty acids. Soaps are used mainly for bathing, washing and cleaning. Soaps are also used in textile spinning and are also important components of lubricants. Soaps are made from oils and fats with strong alkaline solutions.

Detergents are non-soapy cleaning agent that uses a surface-active agent for cleaning a substance in solution. Detergents are chemical agents or a mixture of chemical agents in dilute solutions. Synthetic detergents are soapless soaps, they ar effective on hard and salt water and they foam no scum.

Synthetic detergents are alkyl or aryl sulphonate that are produced from petroleum or coal and sulphuric acid.

Synthetic detergents can be defined as the sodium or potassium salts of long chain alkyl benzene sulphonic acid or potassium salt of long chain alkyl hydrogen sulphate.

Advantages of Detergents:
  • Laundry detergent - One of the major applications of laundry detergents is washing clothes. The formulation of these detergents is complex; it depends on the demands of application and competitive consumer market. Laundry detergents generally contains surfactants, softeners, bleach, enzymes, fragrances, wand many other agents.
  • Fuel additives - To prevent fouling detergents are used in Otto engines components like the carburetors and the fuel injectors.
  • Biological Reagents - In biological cells, for the isolation and purification of integral membrane proteins detergents in the grade of reagents is used.
Advantages of Soap:
  • Soaps are antibacterial, they can help kill germs.
  • Mild soaps can wash off the corrosive acids that drop on your skin and neutralize it.
  • Soaps are used for bathing, cleaning, and washing.
  • It helps keep skin clean.
  • They also remove dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities on skin.