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Question:is the only advantage of this- increase surface area or is there more?

Answers:Surface area and ability to flow within blood cells. The circular shape allows for the least viscosity (resistance).


Answers:having room for more oxygen, and other things for transport

Question:I'm doing a project on the red blood cell and I want to know how the structure of the red blood cell helps it perform it's function. Can somebody help me?

Answers:i think its something to do with the round shape... when its round it gets through the veins easily but if it is out of proportion and odd it gets suck which causes blood clots... something like that ?

Question:A mature human red blood cell has no nucleus or mitochondria. It consists primarily of a membrane surrounding hemoglobin, the protein molecule that carries oxygen. Suggest an advantage of the simple organization of human red blood cells.

Answers:The first reason that comes to mind for the simple organization is that it allows the bone marrow to make red blood cells more easily (because they are relatively simple cells) and therefore the body can keep up production so that there is always a constant supply. Which is good because they are very important! It may also be simple in order to lessen its own need for energy to keep things efficient.

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Spatial red blood cell configuration :After initializing a red blood cell simulation, we can have a closer look at the spatial structure of the suspension (here: 50% volume fraction, 72 cells). It is easy to see that most of the cells are deformed, but there is no overlap.

Red blood cells :Oxygen uptake by hemoglobin in red blood cells