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Advantages of Heating Effect of Electric Current

Advantages of heating effect of electric current is a tool which describes the useful part of the heating effect of the electric current. First of all before we understand the heating effect of electric current, it is important to understand the meaning of electric current. In simple words, electric current is basically described as the flow of electrons. So if the electrons flow than it means that the electric current is flowing. More the number of free electrons more the electric current will flow. This is all about the basics of electric current.

Now in our day to day life we have observed that the electrical appliances after continuous operation become hot. Hence, it is important to understand the reason for the heating of electrical appliances hot after continuous operation.

The reason behind the same can be explained on the basis of a very important law and that law is known as joule law. Joule law describes that the heat produced is directly proportional to square of current, resistance and is also directly proportional to the time. If H is the heat produced, I is the electric current, R is the resistance and t is the time taken, then the joule law can be expressed as follows
H is directly proportional to I ^2 * R * t.

Based on this law now it is clear that the heating effect of electrical appliances is all due to the joules law and it basically depends upon the current, resistance and time taken. From the above all detailed concepts, we are now in position to describe the advantages of heating effect of electric current. The advantages are based on the equipment design. The following equipments are designed based on the heating effect of electric current and these are the biggest advantages of heating effect of electric current.

    1) Electric iron
    2) Heater
              a) First type is Space heaters
              b) Second type is convection heater
              c) Third type is forced convection heaters.
              d) Fourth type is electric under floor heating (domestic)
              e) Fifth type is Fan/forced heaters
               f) Sixth type is immersion heater
               g) Seventh type is heat pumps and
               h) Last type is Electrode heater.
     3) Electric tower rails
     4) Electric Air curtains
     5) Electric water heaters and
     6) Electric fires

The above advantages of heating effect of electric current shows that there are lots of advantages of heating effect of electric current. But without the thorough knowledge of this subject we shall not deal with electric current, otherwise this may be dangerous even we can also lost our valuable life.  So the basic building block that is the Joule‚Äôs law shall be studied in a detailed way and before going for the working model it is important to go for prototype. Prototype is basically a conceptual model which shall be made before actually working on the working model.

This is because that there is no danger involved in making prototype. And the other advantage is that we can take a prior feel before actually going to the working model and if any correction is required we can easily make it in working model on the basis of proto type. So this is all about advantages of heating effect of electric current.