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advantages of closed circulatory system

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Answers:A closed system allows higher metabolic rates because there is better control over the delivery of oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients to the specific areas that are active. It also allows better control of fluids when the animal is injured.

Question:a. faster transport through vessels b. ultrafiltration of blood by kidneys possible c. blood can be directed to specific tissues d. blood volumes reduced from 30%-60% of body weight to about 10% of body weight e. Both A and B f. all of the above M3wad even in an open circulatory system no blood is lost. Also if you don't know the right answer you prolly shouldn't even respond.

Answers:looks to me like all of the above.


Answers:In a closed circulatory system the blood travels around the organism in vessels. This allows it to travel faster and therefore cells get nutrients and waste removal quicker. In an open system (like an arthropod) the blood travels slower.



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The Circulatory System :Video podcast covering the circulatory system. The advantages and constraints of 2-, 3-, and 4-chambered heart. The open and closed circulatory systems are also highlighted. Images from 'Biology: Concepts and Connections' (6th Ed.) by Campbell, Reece, Taylor, Simon, Dickey; Pearson Education

Open Vs, Closed Circulatory Systems :For Ms. Carr's AP Bio project Music- Lindsey McKay