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Advantages of Artificial Satellite

Advantages of artificial satellite is an important tool which describes the advantages of the artificial satellites. Before we discuss the advantages, it is important to understand about the meaning of the artificial satellite. Artificial satellite is basically a man made satellite which is generally placed in orbit around earth or around other celestial known bodies. With the help of rocket, the satellite is carried away from earth’s surface and then it is placed in the orbit where it maintains its motions without any further help of rocket or rocket propulsion phenomenon. It is interesting to note the first artificial or we can say man made satellite was launched on 4th October 1957 and name given to satellite was Sputnik I. It was launched by USSR.  By the laws of celestial mechanics, the satellite’s motion is controlled.

Based on above some details, the meaning of the artificial or man made satellite is now crystal clear. So now our focus is to understand the advantages of the man made or we can say artificial satellites.  There are thousands of advantages of the man made satellites but here in this paper, our focus is only on to the main advantages of the man made/ artificial satellite. The advantages of artificial satellite are described below:
  1. One can see the live coverage of various things by even sitting idle at home. And this is all due to the artificial satellite which usually takes the coverage directly. Now television is the part of almost every family and its broad casting is basically done with the help of man made/ artificial satellite.
  2. This satellite is alarm gong for the life of the farmers. The farmer life is directly or indirectly related to the crops.  And the satellite provides early information about the chance of flood etc. which is actually an alarm gong for the farmer and is also very useful for them.
  3. The discoveries in other planets are all dependent upon the satellite.  One can now think that life can also be possible in other planets all due to the satellite. The man has reached the mars planet; it is also because of man made satellites.
  4. Not only this man made satellite also provides us the detailed analysis of weather which can be useful to every one of us.
  5. Two persons sitting in the different part of word can contact with each other easily and this also because of the presence of man made satellites.
There are so many advantages of artificial satellite but we have limited our topic for the above main advantages only. The research activities are continuously in progress by the various countries of the world. By the help of the man made/ artificial satellite, the various dreams have been fulfilled and day is not far when the persons are living in other planet and the contact between two different planets is very easy.  It is all again due to the invention of the manmade/artificial satellite. It is important the research activities in this field shall continue so that various mysteries will be explored. So this is all about advantages of artificial satellite.