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Question:doing oral in front of class, need some help with content :D Question : a) What are the advantages of educating boy and girls together? b) Can you think of any disadvantages of co-education? asap :D

Answers:a) The advantages are that they (hopefully) learn how to behave appropriately around other-gender. They have opportunities to interact (group projects) without the pressure of being "on a date." b) Disadvantage is that less learning is going on. They distract each other and take focus off education. In a single-gender situation, the teaching style can be tailored to the gender. One example of this, depending on the individual students, is that boys tend to like action, girls like workbooks, that kind of thing. More learning is going on in single-gender classes, more focusing, less showing off, less socializing. Best to you.

Question:What is one advantage and one disadvantage of using wind tunnels to measure air pressure on airplane wings? does anyone know?

Answers:Advantages Wind tunnels use real air, so you can expect the airflow to behave more or less in the same fashion as it would on the real thing. When calibrated the results should be good enough to make reasonable predictions on the performance of a full sized aircraft. Disadvantage One of the major downsides of wind tunnels is the cost. Large wind tunnels are expensive to build and maintain, they consume an awful lot of power in both propelling the air and in some circumstances cooling it down.

Question:What are the advantages/disadvantages of producing electricity from hydroelectric sources, compared to electricity from coal power stations?

Answers:well for me, so much in advantage... why? first, because we are abundant in water, second, getting a location of the hydroelectricity plant is easy, we just find any falls that's water is overflowing like niagara or angel.....

Question:what r the advantages and disadvantages to find a spicific location on the map? (need to know because i'm traveling)

Answers:i don't now so thts bad

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Power Learn the Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Power when used to create residential solar energy. Find out how solar power kits can benefit you.

Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy is being used in homes around the globe to provide heating and lighting as well as a few other uses. It's something that is only going to grow as a market, as the current energy sources become rare, and prices continue to increase. created at