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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood

Wood is a tough fibrous tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other woody plants. Wood has been used for many purposes; it has been used for fuel and construction material for thousands of years. Wood is an organic material and it is composed of cellulose fibers which have a string tension; these cellulose fibers are embedded in a matrix of lignin. Wood is also defined as the only secondary xylem in stem of trees. In a living tree wood provides support, which enable woodsy plants to grow and stand by themselves.

Wood also mediates the transfer of water nutrients to other parts of the plants like leaves and other growing tissues. Wood is an abundant and renewable source of carbon; materials of wood have been a source of renewable energy.

Wood has many advantages and some disadvantages. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of wood are as follows:

Advantages of Wood:
  • Wood has been used as fuel for many thousand years and it is still being used as fuel mostly in the rural parts.
  • Hardwood is preferred to softwood as fuel as it produces less smoke and burns longer.
  • A woodstove or fireplace adds to ambience and warmth to a home.
  • Since the time of human beings began building shelters, wood has been a important construction material.
  • It is also used to build houses and boats.
  • Until late of the 19th century all boats are made from wood; remains of wood are used commonly in boat construction.
  • Engineered wood is being used in largely in construction of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Wood is used as a supporting material in building made of other materials like in roofs, interior doors, etc.
  • Wood flooring is a product made from timber that is used as flooring.
  • Engineered wood components are often used in construction and industrial applications.
  • Wood has always been used for furniture like chairs and cots.
  • It is also used in the form of cutlery like wooden spoon, chopsticks.
  • Wood is also used as an artistic mode. It includes totem poles, woodcut printmaking, and certain types of musical instruments.
  • Many types of equipments used in sports are made of wood. Example - Cricket bats, baseball bats.
  • Other types of recreational sports equipments like skis, hockey sticks, archery bows are commonly made from wood.
Disadvantages of Wood:
  • Wood energy produces green house gases.
  • Transportation of wood to urban areas can be expensive.
  • Wood is hygroscopic and it will absorb surrounding vapors loses moisture below the fiber saturation point.
  • Biotic factors can cause decay of wood by mold fungi, bacteria and insects.
  • Abiotic factors like sun, wind, water, fire and certain chemicals can cause deterioration and destruction of wood.

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Solid wood

Solid wood is a term most commonly used to distinguish between ordinary lumber and engineered wood, but it also refers to structures that do not have hollow spaces. Engineered wood products are manufactured by binding together wood strands, fibers, or veneers with adhesives to form a composite material. Engineered wood includes plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) and fiberboard. The fact that a product is made from solid wood is often touted in advertisements. However, using solid wood has advantages and disadvantages.

Comparison with engineered wood

Perhaps the greatest advantage of solid wood is appearance. Most people consider it more attractive than fiberboard, which is sometimes enhanced with a solid wood veneer or other overlays, such as formica or vinyl. It is also more attractive than oriented strand board, which is rarely used where it can be seen. Plywood has a similar look to wood, but its layered structure is visible on the ends.

Solid wood is stronger than fiberboard, but not as strong as plywood or oriented strand board. Many engineered woods disintegrate if gotten wet, unlike solid wood.

One of the most important disadvantages of solid wood is its significant cost. Engineered wood can be made from waste material like sawdust and chips, but solid wood requires large sections of wood that are relatively free from defects. Composite wood can also be made with trees that have soft or hard wood.

Solid wood vs. hollow wood

One of the most frequently made hollow wood structures are hollow core doors. Hollow core doors are much lighter than solid wood doors, cheaper and are easier to install. However, sound travels more freely through them, which can be a problem if the house is noisy or the occupants desire a lot of privacy. Also, hollow core doors should not be used as doors to the outside because they can more easily be broken open by robbers. Solid wood doors are slightly more fire resistant because the fire has to burn through more material, however, using a steel door will increase fire resistance by a much larger margin.

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Question:i was just wondering if anyone knows the Advantages and Disadvantages of these types of wood? Pine Mahogany Oak Cherry Walnut Red Wood

Answers:All woods have different characteristics and are therefore used in different ways. I wonder what you mean by the question, are you picking a wood floor or something else? Pine- inexpensive, used in rustic applications, often has knots, used for framing houses etc. Mahogany - dark, dense texture, used for furniture, trim Oak - many varieties, used in flooring and other applications- great grain character, hardwood Cherry- softer wood, beautiful in appearance, often used in building fine furniture and musical instruments Walnut - soft wood, great brown color and texture, expensive Red Wood- this type of wood is usually used in outdoor applications as it has good resistance to elements


Answers:Advantages: its less harmful to environment Disadvantages: produces less electricity compared to other resources, difficult to find in some places.


Answers:wood is cost effective and cheaper to use in construction than using stone. plus, it has a number of other uses, including paper products. on the downside is that wood and the forests are being ravaged for harvesting. forests are important to the planet and environment. we are wiping out a natural resource. Look at the destruction of the rain forests as a prime example.

Question:for coursework , design advantages and disadvantages of using wood metal and plastic , to make something , and in my case a clock ? thanks

Answers:In general, wood is cheap and easily assembled, metal is strong and very durable, plastic can have a great range of specialized properties for different uses and is light weight. On the downside - wood rots and is prone to failure at places of connection, steel rusts, is very heavy, and often costly, plastic isn't as strong, can be costly, doesn't always perform well under temperature load. For a clock, you'd want metal for the precision parts (gears, moving stuff), and plastic for the housing/face.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Convent :Hi, I'm Sister Norma Raupple from the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown Today's Question is: What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a Convent? A convent is a house where a group of Sisters share their lives and their space with each other. There is a chapel in the central part of the house because our relationship with God is the center of our lives. The convent where I live is in Cnfield, Ohio where there are 30 of us Ursuline Sisters living together. I see many more advantages for living in a convent than disadvantages: I have a spacious private room which looks out on the woods. I often enjoy the sunrise from my window. At the same time, I enjoy the presence and interactionof other women of faith - women of all ages. Their support and encouragement helps me to maintain a healthy, happy life. Our life style is simple and fulfilling as we gather for prayer and Eucharist and spend time together when we are not engaged in ministry. At times, I experience the schedule as a disadvantage. For example, the individual sister does not choose the schedule for prayer and meals. The schedule is determined by everyone talking together and deciding what is best for the group life.

One Time Wood Protector :PaintSource.net discussion about deck care. We discuss the various choices available, and the advantages and disadvantages of many deck care products. Many heavily advertised deck stains available lead to disappointing results, and costly maintenance. We discuss common problems, and better solutions for deck care.