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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tissue Culture

Plant tissue is also known as micro propagation and it is the rapid multiplying of plant material to produce a large number of progeny plants, using the techniques of plant tissue culture methods. It is a practice used for plant propagation under sterile conditions to produce plant clones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tissue Culture are as follows:

Advantages of Tissue Culture:
  • These techniques have certain advantages over traditional methods of propagation.
  • They produce exact copies of plants required that have desirable traits.
  • They produce mature plants quickly.
  • Multiple plants are produced in the absence of seeds or necessary pollinators to produce seeds.
  • Whole plants are produced regenerated from plant cells that are genetically modified.
  • Many plants that are clones of each other can be produced.
  • Diseases resistant plants are produced by micro propagation.
  • High rate of fecundity is obtained.
  • This is the only method that is viable method of regenerating genetically modified cells even after protoplast fusion.
  • This method is useful which produce seeds insufficient amounts, or when plants are sterile and they do not produce viable seeds or when the seeds cannot be stored.
  • Some plants like orchids have very small seeds and the seeds are more reliably grown from seed in sterile culture.
  • A larger number of plants can be produced and propagule can be stored for longer in a smaller area.
Disadvantages of Tissue Culture:
  • Micro propagation is not a method of multiplying plants.
  • It is labor intensive and expensive process.
  • A monoculture that is produced after micro propagation which leads to the lack of disease resistance, all the progeny plants may be vulnerable to the same infections.
  • An infected sample plant can produce an infected progeny. All plants cannot be successfully tissue cultured. It is usually because the medium for growth is not known.
  • Some plants are very difficult to be disinfected from fungal organisms.