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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tissue Culture

Plant tissue is also known as micro propagation and it is the rapid multiplying of plant material to produce a large number of progeny plants, using the techniques of plant tissue culture methods. It is a practice used for plant propagation under sterile conditions to produce plant clones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tissue Culture are as follows:

Advantages of Tissue Culture:
  • These techniques have certain advantages over traditional methods of propagation.
  • They produce exact copies of plants required that have desirable traits.
  • They produce mature plants quickly.
  • Multiple plants are produced in the absence of seeds or necessary pollinators to produce seeds.
  • Whole plants are produced regenerated from plant cells that are genetically modified.
  • Many plants that are clones of each other can be produced.
  • Diseases resistant plants are produced by micro propagation.
  • High rate of fecundity is obtained.
  • This is the only method that is viable method of regenerating genetically modified cells even after protoplast fusion.
  • This method is useful which produce seeds insufficient amounts, or when plants are sterile and they do not produce viable seeds or when the seeds cannot be stored.
  • Some plants like orchids have very small seeds and the seeds are more reliably grown from seed in sterile culture.
  • A larger number of plants can be produced and propagule can be stored for longer in a smaller area.
Disadvantages of Tissue Culture:
  • Micro propagation is not a method of multiplying plants.
  • It is labor intensive and expensive process.
  • A monoculture that is produced after micro propagation which leads to the lack of disease resistance, all the progeny plants may be vulnerable to the same infections.
  • An infected sample plant can produce an infected progeny. All plants cannot be successfully tissue cultured. It is usually because the medium for growth is not known.
  • Some plants are very difficult to be disinfected from fungal organisms.

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Question:...of taking cuttings from plants and tissue culture. Thanks people x I mean, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cuttings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of tissue culture? Sorry ...

Answers:Advantages: Grafting has been important in flowering research. Leaves or shoots from plants induced to flower can be grafted onto uninduced plants and transmit a floral stimulus that induces them to flower. The transmission of plant viruses has been studied using grafting. Virus indexing involves grafting a symptom-less plant that is suspected of carrying a virus onto an indicator plant that is very susceptible to the virus. Disadvantages: It can lead to the spread of alien plant species, resulting in the alien species growing out of control and becoming a pest. The advantages and disadvantages of tissue cell culture are: Advantage: The tissue cells are easily manipulated. Disadvantage: Can't think of any!! Tissue cultures are great!!


Answers:Advantages Controlled physiochemical environment (pH, temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, osmotic pressure, etc.) Controlled and defined physiological conditions (constitution of medium, etc.) Homogeneity of cell types (achieved through serial passages) Disadvantage Expertise is needed 10 times more expensive for the same quantity of animal tissue Unstable aneuploid chromosome constitution Requirement of controlled and defined physiological conditions

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Answers:Advantages: research with human tissue will give more direct data than studying an animal and relating it to how the human condition is expected to be. Disadvantages: expensive and problematic. Tissue cultures are difficult to maintain and keep alive. The cells don't react exactly as they do when still inside a body. Moral issues: Is tissue cultures morally better than animal studies? Should people get paid for donating tissue to research? Should they get paid more, if the research makes the scientist rich and famous?

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