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advantages and disadvantages of the internet

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Question:Advantages/ Disadvantages of the internet are... you can keep in contact with friends and family all around the world there are hackers and pedophiles shop online you can risk personal health from excessive use educational games and programs research information for school projects and business access inappropriate information become victims of cyberbullying

Answers:Les avantages et les d savantages d'lnternet sont... Vous pouvez rester en contact/relation avec vos amis et votre famille partout dans le monde. ll y a des pirates informatique et des p dophiles. Achat en ligne. Vous courez le risque de probl mes de sant par une utilisation excessive. Jeux et programmes ducatifs. Recherche d'informations pour projets scolaires et affaires. Donn es d'acces incorrectes. Deviennent des victimes de harcellement informatique.

Question:My teacher gave me assignment to find information about advantages and disadvantages of internet, so i want a detailed answer...thnx.

Answers:Good.) Keeps you in touch with rest of the world, the largest compilation and archives of information in the world available with a few clicks of a mouse. Email is a free (mostly) form of contact along with MSN and free video calls via Skype etc Bad.) Poor influences via media, videos, pornographic material and such. Wrong information is often portrayed and bullying is a major problem among websites such as Facebook and Bebo Hope this helped you out a little. :P

Question:can some1 post the answer ? advantage need 3 point disadvantage need 3 point thank 4 the help !

Answers:Advantage: - Uses less trees to produce - Creates less waste - Can be updated more frequently Disadvantage - Can be hard on the eyes to read from a screen - Less accessible to people who don't use or can't afford computers - Can be read in transit (on subways, most of which don't have Internet access) - Can read on the toilet (jk!)

Question:Jus need to find out why is it important to use internet, I dont need load of information just the point

Answers:Emailing and pointless games.

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