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advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fiber

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Answers:Lancenigo di Villorba (TV), Italy You may think to DRESS. Indeed, DRESS MADE BY Synthetic Fibers ARE CHEAPER, WARMER, MORE RESISTANTs AGAINST FIBER-STRESS. You may think to ROPEs. Indeed, ROPEs MADE BY Synthetic Fibers ARE DENSER, MORE RESISTANTs AGAINST TENSILE STRESS AND SOLVENTs. I hope this helps you.


Answers:known factors in manufacturing for quality and consistency. desirable qualities .eg fire resistant or proof. water resistant/proof. anti stain. anti friction. anti puncture . colour fastness.vapour porosity-sweat gets out water vapour but water droplets do not come in ( barrier ) etc



Question:And how would my 1993 Suzuki Swift handle synthetic oil?

Answers:There are advantages and disadvantages to synthetic. Synthetic oils have less wax in them than petroleum oils, so they will be more liquid/fluid like in cold temperatures. This allows for faster lubrication when starting the engine in very cold temperatures. There have been tests that prove some oils can increase performance and economy, but synthetic oil costs significantly more than petro oils, so you have to decide how you want to spend your money. Many synthetics deteriorate slower than petro oils, although they do not hold any particles/contaminants in suspension any better than petro oils, so that doesn't necessarily mean you can go longer between changes. As for your Suzuki, I would stick with conventional petro oils. Many synthetics have additive/detergent packages different than petro oils and can actually clean out deposits in older engines- deposits that may be plugging an unknown leak. Also, wear over time will cause increased clearances between engine parts and if the synthetic oil gets too thin between clearances, you can have inadequate lubrication in your engine. If I run synthetic in my cars, I start them off around 10-12K miles and haven't had any trouble, I just wouldn't (and don't) use them in an older car such as yours. Hope this helps.