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Advantages and Disadvantages of Science

The word science is derived from a Latin word scientia meaning to know. Science is a way to learn how things work. Everything we do is part of science. Science is a systematic way to create knowledge and to explain materialization through objective means like observation, study and experimentation. Application of science leads to the development of technology.

We are in a state of living where we can't live without science. Technology is the skill to utilize scientific knowledge. Technology has improved out way of life in many ways. Science and technology is a term which deals with the relationship between science and technology. Advancements in science and technology like the inventions of the telephone to the internet, and from the abacus to the calculators and computers from cars to rockets and satellites. These advancements in science and technology have a great impact on the lives of people. Advantages have been in all sorts of field like medicine and communication. It has improved man's life.

The advantages and disadvantages of science are listed below: 

Advantages of Science:
  • Science makes our simpler.
  • Science and technology helps us to organize our daily activities.
  • Any work can be done faster, precise and efficiently.
  • It is easier to communicate with other people even over long distances.
  • It helps us to understand more about us and the things and life around us.
  • More and more species of organisms are being discovered.
  • Vast advancements in the field of medicine have helped to lengthen our life expectancy and reduce the rate of infant mortality.
  • Discovery of mechanizations, better techniques of agriculture has increased the food productivity level.
  • Various means of transport like the railway, ocean liner, and jet plane and motor vehicles has made our lives comfortable.
  • These inventions have provided great possibilities for commercial development and industrialization.
Disadvantages of Science:
  • Development in science and technology can be easily manipulated by irresponsible people. In the wrong hands, technology can have a negative impact on the society.
  • Increase in rate of cyber crimes.
  • Fail of technology may make us helpless.
  • Science and technology is the main cause of pollution.
  • The development of nuclear missiles through technology threatens the existence of life.
  • Sometimes it can affect our lifestyles and health.