advantages and disadvantages of pollution

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Answers:It means that polluters pay for the efforts to reduce pollution instead of funding it through taxes. It can provide funding for environmental organizations that often have a hard time raising money. The down side is that they can go on polluting if they can afford the fees.


Answers:I cannot think that you could seriously ask if Pollution - noise or any other form, has benefits. The disadvantages are several. Premature deafness, Lack of ability to hear important sounds clearly leading to inability to hear oncoming danger inability to hear common conversation Tinitus Distortion of speech or music Mental stress from the constant and unremitting noise. Confusion Deterioration of general health. This is coused by constant traffic noise, workplace noise from machinery or processes used in manufacture and construction Earphones Loud music, stereos, Airports, railways, including subway lines, busses, trucks, motorcycles and loud car exhaust.


Question:1. Switch to hybrid vehicle. 2. Switch to nuclear power. 3. Switch to electric cars. 4. Uses buses instead. 5. Walk. 6. Plant trees. 7. Cut its Co2 emissions by x% by x years.

Answers:DISADVANTAGES: 1. Hybrid vehicles are expensive. 2. Nuclear power emits nuclear waste which is toxic to humans. 3. The reliability of electric cars is questionable and needs constant recharging. 4. Buses lack sanitation and privacy that some of us desire. 5. Walking is not practical if you wanted go far places, or carry supplies. 6. We do not have enough land. 7. How to carry that out in millions of people. ADVANTAGES: 1. Cuts emissions given out by cars. 2. No air pollution. 3. Cuts emissions given out by cars. 4. Mass transportation uses less gas to move more people. 5. No pollution at all. 6. Absorbs carbon dioxide. 7. Cuts CO2 emissions.