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Advantages and Disadvantages of Petrol

Petrol is a transparent liquid which is derived from petroleum and it used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. The main constituents of petrol are organic compounds which are obtained by the process of fractional distillation of petroleum.

Advantages of Petrol:
  • Though there is rapid rise in cost of petroleum, it is still cheaper than any other fuel.
  • Petrol has higher density than any other energy form of energy.
  • It is relatively safe of store, carry and dispense.
  • Petrol is obtained from distillation process which is not difficult to make.
  • The process of production of petrol does not need rare materials and the process does not involve letting out byproducts that are dangerous to the environment.
  • Petrol makes an excellent source of organic molecules which can be used for building plastics, fiber, medicines, etc.
  • Petrol can withstand high heats without breakdown and it makes useful lubricants like engine oil and grease.
  • The residues of petrol make good surface for pavement roads and also as waterproof materials for roof.
  • Certain petrol components make brilliant solvents for paint, industrial uses etc.
  • Other components of petrol like the propane and butane make very good compact source of portable cooking fuel and heating.
  • Natural gas obtained is used to make fertilizers which are used in agriculture and household detergents.
Disadvantages of Petrol:
  • Supply of is decreasing and one will petrol supplies will be exhausted.
  • There is a high demand of petrol.
  • Price of petrol is increasing everyday.
  • Burning of petrol affects the environment as it produces carbon.
  • Petrol is a carbon based fuel and burning of this fuel increases the production of CO2 which is a greenhouse gas and is said to cause global warming.
  • There are many wars fought over oil and it is having a negative influence on relations between nations.
  • Transport of petrol is dangerous.
  • Oil spills during extraction of crude oil or transportation have catastrophic effects on the affected areas.
  • Crude oil producing areas are at chances of having severe weather conditions.
  • Petrol contains some cancer causing compounds like benzene.
  • The volatile components of petrol cause smog.