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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mathematics

Advantage of Mathematics:

Mathematics is the oldest subject or practice in the history of mankind. Today mathematics finds a wide application, far beyond the ken of an individual. To understand the evolution of science and technology in automobiles, medicals,computer and database management,surgery, agriculture,working of the   universe,etc and so on. The concept of mathematics is very important. There is no significant correction of appearance and only there is extensive.

Mathematical history is exciting and rewarding subject. Research in maths leads to the discovery of new disciplines. A good education system consists of  learning different methods,solution to the problems. Measure of mathematics involves problem solving,number facility, automatic  and logical reasoning. There are different branches of mathematics like algebra,geometry,trigonometry,calculus. Based on the study of interest and ability the branches of mathematics are wide. To become a good mathematician first  learn and practice the problem already exists,

Mathematics helps in progression of technological innovation in day to day life. Learning mathematics helps in perception development of individuals in their daily life which help to achieve their goal in life, which include the term like addition,subtraction,multiplication and division.

Application of maths in daily life:

In Every filed of life mathematics has its own application, a list few are given below.

Shopping Malls: Billing and calculating the rate tax,the amount of money to pay are calculated using maths

Budget: In an company for overall finance, the application of maths plays an important role.

Hospitals: The instruments reads and gives the values of the patients in digital. Report generation, billing,etc are all performed on the basis of maths

Engineering: the machine design, area calculation, measurements,angles ,lines under specific transformation are done with the help of mats.

Banking: Understanding of simple and compound interest, to know how the amount of money grows

Disadvantage of Mathematics:

The user who doesn’t find an interest in the subject feels maths as a disadvantage in his life.
The disadvantage of mathematics can be overridden by the easy way of learning or better approach of teaching to the students in their basics.