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Advantages and Disadvantages of Linear Programming

Linear Programming:
Is an optimization technique, to maximize the profit or to reduce the cost of the system. Linear programming used in wide area of application such as marketing, production, financial, Budgeting, transportation and much more. The founder of linear programming is leonid kantorovich, a Russian  mathematician in 1939.

Linear Programming in Maths Model:
In a mathematical statement linear programming includes a set of linear equations which represents the conditions of the problem and a linear function which express the objective of the problem. It helps the to take better decisions in the management rather than a substitute of things.

Limitations or Problems of Linear Programming Model
  1. Limitations and constraints are not given to a large problem.
  2. Linear programming yield fractional valued answers for the decision variables.
  3. In some cases both the objective function and constraints in linear form cannot be expressed.
  4. Is a mathematical technique used in solving single objective problem
  5. Long term objective of the management cannot be resolved with a single goal.
  6. The problem can be solved only when there is a clear representation of linear relationship between different variables.
Advantages of Linear Programming:
  • The main advantage of linear programming is its simplicity and easy way of understanding.
  • Linear programming makes use of available resources
  • To solve many diverse combination problems
  • Helps in Re-evaluation process- linear programming helps in changing condition of the process or system.
  • Linear programming is adaptive and more flexibility to analyze the problems.
  • The better quality of decision is provided.
Disadvantage of Linear Programming:
  • Linear programming works only with the variables that are linear.
  • The idea is static, it does not consider change and evolution of variables.
  • Non linear function cannot be solved over here.
  • Impossibility of solving  some problem which has more than two variables in graphical method.
Application Of Linear Programming:
  • Manufacturing unit
  • Transport system
  • Computer science
  • Engineering Model
  • Economics

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Answers:No matter how often it is asked, that question is a weird one. Teachers should be flogged for asking it. After all, you can not name the advantages and disadvantages of anything if you don't know the context in which the question has to be considered. For example, if someone were to ask "What are some advantages of karts?" then answers will vary greatly, based on whether this question is to be considered as a means of transportation between Adelaide and Amsterdam; a toy a child can play with; a way to generate electricity by hooking it up to a generator; etc. Make your teacher specify a context and then get back to us.


Answers:As with any creative enterprise, the advantage or benefit would be creating something. The disadvantage would be having to do that work. Programming as a profession can be very rewarding, both personally and financially, for people who are good at it, and it can make for a miserable life for those who aren't (or don't truly enjoy it; see Office Space). Also, because of computers' relative newness to humanity, they are incomprehensible black boxes to most people, and anyone who can make the mysterious device light up and blink is regarded much like a wizard or shaman in the older times. Or, as some of my friends who are programmers would put it, most people are stupid and are impressed by simple things they refuse to learn to understand. It's great fun... most programmers are very enjoyable people to work with and hang out with, and like I said before... if you're good at it, the pay can be excellent. The key is to always keep learning. The best programmer is the one who knows how much s/he doesn't know.

Question:This is referring to prokaryotes having circular and eukaryotes having linear.

Answers:Having circular DNA makes many aspects of DNA processing much more simple. To begin with, when circular DNA is replicated, there only needs to be one origin of replication (location where the enzyme helicase unwinds the helix as DNA polymerase replicates). However, in linear DNA, many origins are required and it is not a continuous process, but rather in many steps. Additionally, in linear DNA, Okazaki fragments are the most effective method of carrying out replication. However, in a circular DNA, these are not necessary. Circular DNA also avoids the condition in linear DNA that leads to aging: the shortening of telomeres. When linear DNA is dones replicating, some of the RNA primers at the ends cannot be replaced with DNA by DNA polymerase because there is no 3' end (the strand simply ends). Thus, over time, the DNA molecule shortens. Sequences called telomeres are located at the ends of linear DNA to stall the deterioration of interior genes. However, as more cell divisions occur and more DNA is replicated, some DNA may be damaged (one cause of aging). However, with circular DNA, there is always a free end, and telomeres are not even necessary. A lot of naturally occurring circular DNA is in the form of plasmids. These DNA molecules have the ability to be taken in by cells (such as bacteria), and be replicated and transcribed like normal, chromosomal DNA. After crossing over by random, this can produce recombinant DNA in bacteria and other cells. Thus, this circular DNA has many applications in the field of biotechnology. The major advantage of having linear DNA is its carrying capacity. It can often hold more DNA (which is often necessary in eukaryotes), and provides a better mechanism of storage in a small nucleus. In the end, it is evolution that has selected circular or linear DNA for different species who can benefit from the different advantages. Hope that helps!

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