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Question:Whta are the advantages and disadvantages of homework?

Answers:Advantages: 1. "Practice makes perfect" - True learning ---true understanding--- is accomplished when you can solve the problems or perform the tasks easily. Hearing the lesson and taking notes in class is only half of the work. 2. You learn certain virtues: initiative, responsibility, discipline, perseverance. Disadvantages: The TIME article linked below reports that one researcher found no link between homework and academic success. I personally don't believe it, and I would like to see the research report, but if it's a reputable source, it's worth looking into.

Question:what are some advantages and disadvantages of barter? homework :( some1 plz help...

Answers:disadvantages: Let's say I have wheat and you have corn. But I have no need for corn. If our goods/services do not match up, we can't barter with each other. If we just bought and sold with cash rather than try to barter we could each sell our goods to who wants them then take the cash and buy what we want. advantages: Let's say I'm an accountant and you are a car mechanic. I have no idea how to fix my car. You have no idea how to do your tax paperwork. We can then swap services, do what we each do best, and both benefit (I get my car fixed and you get your taxes done).

Question:pls friends.....i want both advantages n disadvantages.. it s for 200 words.... pla help me with somw points. rates assured

Answers:Advantages: -Allows for students to continue learning over the break (taking time off of learning often means more time must be spent reviewing material when the students come back). Less time you have to review things, the more time you have to cover new things. -Allows for more material in general to be covered throughout a school year, which means that students will be learning more. -A long period of free time for the students means that a large project assignment that otherwise wouldn't fit into the school schedule could be assigned. Having a couple weeks to dedicate to just one project is a unique thing in school, and probably something that couldn't be done during a semester. Disadvantages: -Many students travel over holidays - If some students already have their time committed to something else, they would be unfairly penalized by having to do the same work in less time. -Having to do school work over break may mean that students are still tired of school when they come back from break, as opposed to being refreshed and ready to start learning again. -Assigning a big project with no chance for checking progress along the way can be tough for some students. If a student decides to do the totally wrong thing with their project, they won't know until after they turn it in. Hopefully these are some ideas to get you started!


Answers:pro: helps us develop good work ethic helps us practice on what we've learned in school and cement it into our brains con: is usually too much work than necessary