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Question:Just 5 advantages and disadvantages of "Friction" SOS, please, help me!!!!

Answers:So imagine if everything were completely slippery. That would be good for some machines that require parts to slide over one another. That would be bad for most things in real life. Like walking or driving or holding things.


Answers:advantage: friction, resistance offered to the movement of one body past another body with which it is in contact. In certain situations friction is desired. Without friction the wheels of a locomotive could not grip the rails nor could power be transmitted by belts. disadvantage: On the other hand, in the moving parts of machines a minimum of friction is desired; an excess of friction produces heat, which in turn causes expansion, the locking of the moving parts, and a consequent breakdown of the machinery. Lubrication is important in minimizing friction as are also such devices as ball and roller bearings.


Answers:Disadvantage: loss of energy/loss of efficiency Advantage: control: Friction is the most common way we use to change the velocity of an object: you can use it to increase or decrease an objects speed or direction, like the way the tires of a car 'grip' the road during steering, acceleration and stopping, or the way we use the friction of our shoes against the ground when doing 'fancy footwork'.


Answers:Advantage first - without friction, life as we know it cannot continue! We cannot walk on a road or in the house. We can't use our normal modes of transport. Try living like in a space ship! Disadvantages - friction needs extra force to be overcome and thus consumes energy. Friction leads to wear and tear of surfaces.