advantages and disadvantages of dams

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Question:Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hydropower dams using historical examples and suggest what developing countries should consider before constructing new large dams.

Answers:aswan dam - advantage: provides one third of Egypt's electricity disadvantage: water is now shallow and slow moving giving rise to parasites such as water snails which spread bilharzia. also, for dams you have to flood valleys = loss of habitats. but it is renewable and non pollutant.


Answers:Advantages are power (in some cases) and people not being flooded out of their homes. One of the disadvantages is that it can cause erosion. The reason South Louisiana is losing land yearly is because the Mississippi is dammed where it leads into one of the major distributaries. Silt, sand, clay, etc can't get from the river to the earth where it once deposited during seasonal yearly floods.

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Answers:Advantages : 1. The dam at 408 tmc storage at a 509' height (FRL) provides irrigation to 1.113 million acres on the right canal and 0.32 million acres at the left canal. It stabilises the irrigation downstream under the already built irrigation schemes. Rice, cotton, chillies, turmeric are the main crops under irrigation. Lake has enhanced 'fisheries' production. 2. The third largest man-made reservoir almost reaches the foot of the next higher Srisailam dam (for hydroelectric power generation) upstream. Water transport is made possible. 3. The dam generates 'Hydel' power. There is provision for pumping up the water back when the load is minimum (night time) because the water turbines can't be shut off. It saves power generation capacity. 4. The reservoir and the ancient site university under Acharya (Prof.) 'Nagarjuna' was reclaimed and preserved atop a hill taht became an island in the lake. It has become an important tourist spot for history, Buddhist studies and nature-lovers. 5. Industrial activity has picked up. In addition to the cement plant at Macherla (30 km) many more have sprung up. Disadvantages : Not many of note. 56 villages were submerged affecting 25000 people who were compensated and shifted higher areas.


Answers:Pros: Great source of electrical power. Building a dam can create temporary jobs. Man made lakes because of the dam can create a fun place for people to swim and fish (assuming there are fish). Can limit flooding damage. Cons: Damages the environment where it needs to be built. Expensive to build.

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HydroElectric Dams :Professor Mark T. Brown explains the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric dams and the reality about their contribution to the production of electricity