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Question:Could you help me out with this one. You know we have our debate about the stuff and we're on communism. I plead for your help. Thanks....

Answers:Get rich quick schemes in the capitalist business world, (buyouts, IPOs, conglomerates, acquisitions, mergers, and the stock market), do not actually work. Remaining solvent does not actually exist within false economics capitalism. Profit existing in the capitalist business world, or millionaires existing within capitalism, is pathological deception committed by the 21 organizations spying on the population with plain clothes agents, (with covert fake names and fake backgrounds). Actual economics is the persons that are paying the business loans of companies voting at work in order to control the property they are paying for. Capitalism is the psychology of imaginary parents, false economics, and the criminal deception of employees that are paying the bills (including the stocks and bonds, or shares) of companies. Anti-Democracy republicanism is the psychology of imaginary parents, and false government.


Answers:Truth is, communism is a pretty good governement system theoretically. Unfortunately when practiced in reality, it fails. Instead of the people governing themselves, one man seems to overpower the rest.....resulting to a monarchy, (dictatorship). Ex. modern China Theoretically, advantages are equality and fairness in the system, no authority. Disadvantages in theoretical communism is the fact that some people are not fit to govern themselves, and no authority. Disadvantages for communism in reality....everything....just look at how fucked up China is. While the rest of the world is advancing, they are going back in time. 98% of the population is in poverty. Mau and his associates are living in riches. Pure dictatorship...Theoretical communism is against everything Mau is doing.

Question:specifically in cuba... plz source if possible..

Answers:Communism is fantastic for poor people that have nothing. The government can own everything and distribute the wealth, and profits to the entire population. Communism is extremely attractive to a population that is oppressed by a small RICH minority, as was Cuba under a dictatorship. However, once the population sees how it will never improve past a few schools, hospitals, roads.... Once the population still has no jobs, modern conveniences, future, savings in the bank, freedom of expression.... Then you have thousands who want to leave or see change. But a military enforcement, created by putting thousands of poor men in uniform, just to provide a job and food, will keep the population from leaving. Or from seeing the real world on TV, radio, newspapers. In Cuba. Please read George Orwell's funny short novel, ANIMAL FARM. About communism. Then visit Miami and talk to an older generation of Cubans who fled the island after Castro's takeover. There has been only ONE example of communism in the history of the world that was totally sucessful, to my knowledge. This was communism under the rule of the INCA of ancient Peru from about 1300 - 1535 AD. The Inca was also 'god on Earth' and every member of the kingdom had food, housing, order, no crime, no lying, no problems (except rare warfare from tribes outside the realm). Read, "Letter To A King" by Huaman Poma.