advantages and disadvantages of chemistry

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Question:please answer this as soon as possible, i really need this for my homework. thanks a lot :D

Answers:advantages - you can make things useful disadvangtages - you can make things dangerous/poisonous/corrosive etc. if you want to score bonus points - include somewhere in your answer that although they may not realise it all housewives practise chemistry every day. cooking involves the changing of chemical compounds by heat and some of the additives involve other chemical reactions similarly the simple act of washing the laundry or even washing your hands involves chemical reactions


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Answers:Advantages --> throughput (production) is higher, improves efficiencies by running 24/7. Disadvantages --> maintenance can be troublesome, expensive, Scientists may not observe as much - thereby missing key findings.

Question:i want the answer in ten pages .its a projet work given by my science teacher.if i will not answer it i will loose in a great trouble .so please............ help me.

Answers:The advantages are you learn study habbits, expand your knowlege, and get prepared for college. The disadvtages are its time consuming, very difficult and fraustrating.

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