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Advantages and Disadvantages of Calculator

The Calculator is an electronic device used to do basic mathematical calculation. It is been common in day to day life where everyone makes use of its application. In the early stages they perform only the basic operation like addition,subtraction,multiplication and division. A required number of research and assessments are carried out to develop scientific and advanced calculator.

The cost of the calculators varies based on the features, application, size, etc. Learning calculator as a tool is very important for all of us to face the real life problem. The world has faced a tremendous change in the technology, which allows each and everyone to make use of a calculator. Multiple linked representation of a calculator like led,solar, graphing calculator is used in a wide range of application involves both practical and theoretically.

Advantages of Calculator:
The advantage of calculator is more than its disadvantage. To reduce the complexity of solving problems and for quick learning of subject in students, the calculator is allowed to use in schools  and colleges. Accurate counting of a number can be brought out by using calculator. Using a calculators, students become more comfortable with developing  new technology.

Enough number of problem’s can be solved  repeatedly without any difficulty. The option of calculator is found in all electronic application devices. The Simple function calculator is available in all technical model as an application in different variety which are user friendly. Scientific calculator offers a wide range of conversion data. They are advanced version of calculator, which are widely used among higher level students.

Free Online Math Calculator:
Free Online Math calculator is available for fast and easy solving of problems, which helps in saving time for for both students and teachers. Online calculators are free and easy to workout. In the online application the user can make use of available calculator buttons or use the keyboard for the operation. The free online calculator provides advanced terms of calculating  the problem which makes the user

Disadvantages of Calculator:
People find it difficult to do simple calculations without the use of a calculator. Teachers and  Parents are against making use of calculator for lower level class of students because which reduces the basic skill of learning mathematics techniques among them. Logical thought of mind or logical learning skills keeps on reducing day by day. Even though the need of a calculator is essential and used in wide range of application manual method of solving the problem is carried out for verification is carried.