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Question:what is a bar chart

Answers:really it is about the look you want for your work. plenty of variations in excel.

Question:7 types of charts bar chart histogram line chart scatter charts area charts cylinder charts

Answers:You need to: 1. Check your textbook. The answers are surely there. 2. Check your class notes. You DID take notes, right? 3. Work together with your buddies to figure it out. Good luck!

Question:eigth types of charts are histogram, frequency curve, pie chart, cumulative frequency curve, line graph, component bar chart, multiple bar chart,percentage component bar chart thanks !!!pls answered my msg!!

Answers:their is no difference, :) it is how people perceive information Pie chart & percentage component bar chart emphasize relative proportion component bar chart & multiple bar chart emphasize absolute proportion Histogram is for advertising spin { .. ..} frequency curve. cumulative frequency curve & line graph emphasize analytic information.

Question:Also, Out of: Stem and leaf Box & whisker Histograms Cumulative freq. graphs What are suitable ways of presenting raw data for a sample situation...

Answers:Stem and leaf diagrams record data values in rows, and can easily be made into a histogram. Large data sets can be accomodated by splitting stems. Advantages: - Concise representation of data - Shows range, minimum & maximum, gaps & clusters, and outliers easily - Can handle extremely large data sets Disadvantages: - Not visually appealing - Does not easily indicate measures of centrality for large data sets Pictogram,line graph,pie chart,bar graph and scatterplot are normally classified as 'data handling' ways.

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Part 2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Graphs :Andy the Alien talks about bar graphs and pictographs in the this second of two tutorials on the advantages and disadvantages of different graphs. In this part, Andy the Alien also shares the top 10 alien invasion movies and how many cows he abducted for his birthday.

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