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Question:i plan to have an atm card

Answers:Credit Card's Advantages includes that : [ You can get cash any time, you dont want to carry cash all the time with you, Husbands can give it to their wifes, its the safe way for cash handling. Disadvantages includes that : [You spent more mony with ATM card in hand, You can be in trouble while you are taking you cash from an ATM machiene, the can be misused aswell, and the card could be fixed in the ATM machien and you can have problems in taking that out from the machien........Yeah okay

Question:Yesterday, I wanted to test out one of my checks into the atm, and I can't believe how convenient it was. I deposited a 20 dollar check, and it went through instantly, no hassle and no delays. The whole process only took me 3 minute or less. I was wondering if I wanted to deposit a 1,000 dollar check, will the pending take much longer to clear up or will it be the same as depositing the 20 dollar check. What are the advantages and disadvantages of depositing checks at ATM? I have Chase bank btw, and this is my first time doing so. If I can make deposits at the ATM conveniently, I don't think I'll be going inside the bank anymore. What's your say? BTW, are there any limits to depositing the amount at the atm? Say if you have a 10,000 dollar check, will the atm accept it?

Answers:There are no limits on the size of checks at an ATM, but they are subject to the same availability restrictions as deposits made over the counter. Usually, the first $100 is available the same business day, and the rest is subject to a 2 or 3 day hold. In addition, the 'business day' for ATM deposits often ends hours before the business day over the counter. On bank in my area has a 2:00pm cutoff for ATM deposits and a 6:00pm cutoff inside the bank. Correction to my initial answer. A deposit of $10,000 or more in the US requires a Currency Transaction Report that CANNOT be completed at an ATM. This can only be done over the counter.

Question:ATM is Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Answers: These links will tell you what you need.

Question:the bank its self?

Answers:Advantages 1. Not having to go to the bank itself - ATMs are everywhere 2. Being able to access your money outside of regular banking hours. Disadvantages 1. There may be a fee 2. More chance of your card being cloned. 3. More risk of being mugged. 4. Having to go to the bank during its business hours.