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Question:eigth types of charts are histogram, frequency curve, pie chart, cumulative frequency curve, line graph, component bar chart, multiple bar chart,percentage component bar chart thanks !!!pls answered my msg!!

Answers:their is no difference, :) it is how people perceive information Pie chart & percentage component bar chart emphasize relative proportion component bar chart & multiple bar chart emphasize absolute proportion Histogram is for advertising spin { .. ..} frequency curve. cumulative frequency curve & line graph emphasize analytic information.

Question:I was given this question 720 tickets sold some tickets cost 20, others cost 15 and the rest cost 10 the pie chart shows the proportion then it shows a pie chart with this data: 20 140 degrees 15 120 degrees 10 100 degrees then it says to calculate the total amount, but I can't remember how to figure it out. What's the method for this? I know it's something to do with 360... is it 720/360 to figure out how many degrees there is for one ticket?

Answers:yes, so 720/360 = 2 which means each degree represents 2 tickets so 140 degrees is 280 20 tickets = 5600 120 degrees is 240 15 tickets = 3600 100 degrees is 200 10 tickets = 2000 so the total is then 11200

Question:I'm doing a field study where I have to represent the classes of rocks which i took form a river. The rocks range from classes 1-6..and there is 10 rocks. But i have no idea how to calculate this and to put it on a pie chart? I know that you should add up all the figures and divide by360, but lets just say i have 2 class 3 rocks, 4 class six rocks, etc...how do I calculate that?!?! I'm really sorry, I'm an idiot when it comes to maths so please be nice!

Answers:If you have 2 class 3 and 4 class 6 then you have a total of 6 rocks. Divide 360 by 6 and each rock would be a 60 degree segment of the pie. Therefore for this example the class 3 rock portion of the pie would have an angle at the centre of 120 degrees and the class 6 rocks would have the remaining 240 degree section. HTH.

Question:I have this sum where there is a list of numbers - 743 , 607 , 116 , 340 , 194 If I do 743/100 x 360 in order to find the angle,the answer I get is 2674.8 which is definately a wrong answer....so if I work out all of these & get the angles,I won't get 360 at last. So can you help me & tell me how to find out the angle for this,in order to draw a pie-chart! Thank u!

Answers:add 743 , 607 , 116 , 340 , 194 = 2000 743 x 360 /2000 will give the degrees

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