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Question:what is the advantage and disadvantage of a close circulatory system?

Answers:An open circulatory system: * Disadvantages There is a limited capability for animals that have an open circulatory system to increase or decrease distribution and velocity of blood flow. There is not a lot of variability to oxygen uptake because changes in such are very slow. Because of the limits to diffusion, animals with open circulatory systems usually have relatively low metabolic rates. * Advantages An open circulatory system renders animals much less vulnerable to pressure. This can be an advantage for mollusks which live at great depths, because it prevents compression of their bodies. Because many insects use their tracheal systems to transport oxygen, they tend to have open circulatory systems because they place less demands on their bodies; efficiency is not as urgent when oxygen and carbon dioxide are handled through a separate system. The open circulatory system also gives animals greater control over their body temperature, which can be a distinct advantage at times. For example, it can help to quickly dissipate heat, allowing insects to survive in extremely hot environments. *I hope it is useful*


Answers:We can see some of the disadvantages of a closed circulatory system when we think of some of the ailments that humans are prone to: Pushing things through a closed system takes work, so when things aren't running smoothly problems develop. If you sit in one position too long, your blood can stop moving and clot up (restless leg syndrome). Your heart can give out or clots can block off the only routes that blood has to get to one organ or another... and then you're dead or badly wounded. Creatures without these things don't have these problems. Creatures with open circulatory systems still have some of these problems (they have a heart, for example, and actually need to move their other muscles to maintain circulation too) but because they have less of the elaborations they can have a much simpler system. Blood pressure is low, so that means less risk of bleeding to death from a small injury, and sharing a common solution that can come and go as it pleases can keep all the parts of the body in more or less the same state. The closed system is more complex but more powerful and efficient. So it goes.





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The Circulatory System :Video podcast covering the circulatory system. The advantages and constraints of 2-, 3-, and 4-chambered heart. The open and closed circulatory systems are also highlighted. Images from 'Biology: Concepts and Connections' (6th Ed.) by Campbell, Reece, Taylor, Simon, Dickey; Pearson Education

Open Vs, Closed Circulatory Systems :For Ms. Carr's AP Bio project Music- Lindsey McKay