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addition polymerization mechanism

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[edit] Kinetics of Living Anionic Addition Polymerization. In general, the ...

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Question:What is the difference between condecsation polymerization and addition polymerization? Why are addition polymers so much larger than condensation polymers?

Answers:addition polymers are formed by repeated addition reactions of monomers eg.Teflon-tetrafluroethene whereas condensation polymers are formed by repeated linkages between monomers with the elimination of small molecules like water.they require at least two reactive sites.eg.nylon a condensation polymer whose repeating unit as an amide

Question:Can some one tell me what is the deffrence between Addition & Condensation Polymerization?

Answers:In addition polymerization, many small units of the same type called monomers combine to form a long chain of a polymer, with simple covalent bonds and no loss of a molecule. For this polymerization to occur, the monomer must have a C=C double bond, because polymerization takes place across the double bond E.g. formation of polyethene from ethene; polypropene from propene etc. In condensation polymerization, two same monomers or two different monomers combine to form a polymer, with the elimination of a small molecule like H20. Here, a double bond need not be present. E.g. formation of proteins from aminoacids etc.


Answers:Forgive me if i'm totally wrong, hopefully someone else can clear this up, but I believe they are one and the same. The process of polymerisation is the addition of monomer units to a starting monomer, forming a polymer, like ethene to polyethene. Addition polymerisation sounds pretty much the same...

Question:Yes or No???? Please Help!

Answers:Yes, I guess you could consider that to be true since proteins are natural polymers as are complex sugars and nucleic acids. So protein synthesis could be considered an addition polymerization reaction.

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Polymerization :An animated AUS-e-TUTE tutorial on addition and condensation polymerization reactions. www.ausetute.com.au

ADDITION POLYMERIZATION :The video shows addition polymerization reactions.