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Question:What are the rules for adding subtracting dividing multiplying significant figures???

Answers:Adding and subtracting After doing this thing, find the number with least decimal significant figures and round the total to that significant figures. Multiplying and dividing After doing this, find the least significant figures and round the number to that significant figures.

Question:such like (34.512X2.43)+5.6 Would you multiply the two numbers together and use significant figures for that result then add 5.6 and use significant figures again for the final answer? Or would you multiply the two numbers then add and only use signficant figures at the end?

Answers:Each case if different. when doubt, carry an extra digit. in your example, use 3 digits are good for the entire calculation. You can round the answer to 2 if you want. Subtraction is a more difficult case, as you can subtract two similar numbers and lose significance. eg 27(10005 - 10003) if you used 2 places throughout, you would get 0 as an answer. .

Question:37.2+18.0+380=how would i round the number when the answer is 435.2 do you round to 1 sig fig? .57X.86X17.1=8.4 is that right? (8.13X10^4) / (3.8x10^2)=87? is that right please explain if i did something wrong

Answers:the first answer should be 435 but the other two answers are correct. The answer is always the smallest amount of sig figs.

Question:ex: adding - 12.250 cm + 9.2 cm + 7.40 cm = ? ex: subtracting - 44.373 mg - 0.2 mg = ? ex: multipplying - 0.444 cm x 52.562 cm = ? ex: divding - 9.8 g / 8.66 mL = ?

Answers:You can only be as accurate in your answer as your least accurate piece of information. In the cases you list, the answers would be 29cm, 4 x 10^1mg, 23.3cm and 1.1g/ml. If you have a 5 after the last sig fig you round to, round to the nearest even number. This way, you will be rounding up and down each about half of the time. I hope this helps.

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