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Question:"Experiment : Preparation of Phenyl Benzoate from Phenol" Phenols yield crystalline benzoyl derivatives with benzoyl chloride in the presence of sodium hydroxide. Theoretical yield of phenyl benzoate = 2.182g Actual yield of phenyl benzoate = 2.214g Percentage of yield = 101.5% I'm pretty sure there's no measuring error occur and I did not add anything that's not require in this experiment. Then why the actual yield is more than theoretical yield?

Answers:The only other possibility is that your sample of Phenyl Benzoate isn't totally pure and may still contains some reactant.

Question:What are some errors that could have occurred to cause theoretical yield to be LESS THAN actual yield in an experiments

Answers:Experimentally, Getting more then a 100% yield is nearly always a result of not drying the product properly, thus you are weighing solvent + product, thus increasing you mass. Another possiblity can be if you have not purified your product completely and there are some excess reagents still present in the product. Or you wrote some numbers down incorrectly when weighing. Computationally, Did you balance the equation correctly and determine the correct theoretical yield.

Question:my actual yield is more than my theoretical yield. is that possible??

Answers:IT MOST CERTAINLY CAN!!!! It actually is possible to obtain an actual yield higher than your theoretical yield. One particular experiment comes to mind in which this happened was due to an excess of zinc in the mixture, but I don't recall what the exact experiment was. Suffice to say that it is possible. However, I agree with rest of the answers that 999 times out of 1000, you will not have a percent yield higher than 100 and there is likely an error in your calculation.


Answers:you would have to expect that with all the billions upon billions upon billions of molecules and atoms involved in even a small sample reaction that some of them may miss out on the action even more likely is that at least some of the products will break back down to reactants this is summarized for a particular reaction under particular circumstances as percent yield

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Theoretical & Percent Yield :Knowing basic stoichiometry, use the theoretical and actual yields to calculate percent yield