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absorption spectrum

absorption spectrum see spectrum .

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Question:Please help me compare and contrast between action spectrum vs absorption spectrum!!!!!!!! Please make it easy to understand. Thanx ps i am in high school 12 biology

Answers:I think that you want to contrast emission spectra versus absorption spectra. In emission spectra, the atoms or molecules send out photons of specific wavelengths. In absorption spectra, the atoms or moleculs absorb energy at specific wavelengths. For making measurements, emission spectra are much more sensitive to small quantities than are absorption spectra. That is, it is easier to see an atom if it emits a photon in the dark as opposed to an atom that absorbs a photon in intense light. Equivalently, it is easier to see a lit candle at midnight a hundred meters overhead than it is to see the same unlit candle a hundred meters overhead against the background of the noonday sun.


Answers:An action spectrum is the rate of a physiological activity plotted against wavelength of light. Also, an action spectrum is a parameter that describes the relative effectiveness of energy at different wavelengths in producing a particular biological response. "Biological response" may refer to effects at a molecular level, such as DNA damage, or at a whole organism level, such as plant growth. An action spectrum is used as a "weighting factor" for the UV spectrum to find the actual biologically effective dose (BED) for a given effect. On the other hand, an absorption spectrum is a spectrum of radiant energy whose intensity at each wavelength is a measure of the amount of energy at that wavelength that has passed through a selectively absorbing substance. Hope this helped...n_n visit this site ask4mytutor where they give trial tutoring for FREE!!! they can help you with your homeworks, as well as with your advanced subjects Starting this November 26, 2007. 3PM onwards (Pacific Standard Time)

Question:i don't understand :(

Answers:In vivo the action spectrum would be a subset of the absorption spectrum. So, in order to use light energy of a particular wavelength, it must be absorbed.


Answers:The similarity of the action spectrum of photosynthesis and the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll tells us that chlorophylls are the most important pigments in the process.

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Atomic Emission and Absorption Spectrum :This is a short physics film to learn about atomic emission and absorption spectra.