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Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), potassium, thiamine, Phosphorus G, folic acid (Vitamin B9) and vitamin B6. The vitamin C in turn ...

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Question:How do they lower the acid in low acid orange juice if they don't water it down?

Answers:Simply add something to it (some kind of chemical that is a base) to counteract the acidity.

Question:needed 10 ml of orange juice sodium hydroxide soultion 0.1 M 100 ml fnd the molarity of NaOH ------------------------------------- Citric acid ratio NaOH/citric acid= 3/1 3 NaOH+citric acid -------------------------sodium citrate+H2O The formula of the citric acid =C6H807 --------------------------------------------------------- Questions 1.calculate the mass of citric acid 2.calculate the % acid in the sample -------------------------------------------------------------------- the weight of the flask-62.25g. sample (1)peel fresh-83.6187g. Rough-11.3ml 1st-11.7ml 2nd-11.5ml -------------------------- sample (1)good day-83.6832g. Rough-11.5ml 1st-11.0ml 2nd-10.4ml ------------------------------- please someone help solving it.....

Answers:11.6ML * 0.1 * NaOH * moles /liters = # Moles NaOH # Moles NaOH * (1 Moles Citric Acid / 3 Moles Na OH) = # Moles Citric acid # Moles Citric Acid * Molecular weigh(g/Mol) = # Grams acid # Grams acid / Grams peel /100 = # Percent as weight of sample. Same process for the second, and average the two answers.


Answers:*-Orange juice is much less acidic as compared to lemon juice ....!!~

Question:I have a small home bar and I want to keep fruit juices handy in the refrigerator-- notably pineapple and orange juice. They don't get used often, so I need them to be able to keep for months if possible. When made from concentrate, however, they mold within weeks. Since they don't get used often (and when they do, it's in small quantities) I was thinking I could add additional preservatives without worrying too much about health side-effects. Does anyone know if this is a reasonable idea? What kind of Benzoic Acid should I use, the sodium salt, the potassium salt, the calcium salt? And assuming I buy it in bulk, what kind of quantities would be "keep it mold free but not undrinkable" to add?

Answers:Theoretically you can add sodium benzoate .. why not some sulphites as well to keep it even longer. I thought most people had move away from drinking chemical soup and personally would not advise it. You can take it to great extremes .. I had a friend who gave his ham sandwiches a hefty dose of radiation and ate them three months later. Why not buy the little sealed cartoons of about 200mL that come in packs and last ages? I also have a friend whose father is an undertaker. He told her that dead bodies last much long than when he started in the trade 40 years ago because of all the preservatives people consume in ready made supermarket food. Yuck! Personally as a chemist of many years experience, I try and avoid as many chemical additives as possible. They're only put in by the food industry so that the product can sit in warehouses and supermarkets for ages. Doesn't matter that the good ingredients, vitamins etc might deteriorate as long as it tastes Ok and doesn't grow mould. It won't surprise you that tend to get organic juice where possible

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Orange Juice Powered Light :Home made invention of a light bulb powered only by the acidic juices of 2 oranges and 1 lemon. And the juices aren't even squeezed! Whole fruit, copper screws, copper wire, galvanized construction nails, a touch of innovation...and bling! One of the many sides of Sang.

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