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accelerated reading test answers

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Question:i dont care what book but at least 5.0 points

Answers:Um, I highly, highly doubt anyone would (and even if they did, I'm sure they wouldn't be dumb enough to post them on here). Why don't you read a 5 point book yourself instead of wasting your time on here? You said it could be any book 5 points or more; from past experience, many 5 point books were very short and enjoyable.

Question:i have to read a book for accelerated reader at my hs, dummest thing ever!! i thought i was over that. but anyway, i need the answers for the test pronto!!! someone please respond!!!

Answers:read the book it's really good take responsibility for your own work tom clancy makes some really good stuff and rainbow six is as good as it gets if you like action stories

Question:Is the book pride and prejudice the same as the movie? Will i be able to answer the question on accelarated reading without reading the book?

Answers:don't do it. you need to read the book first. sometimes movies are wayyy different then the book. twilight for example? and harry potter too. so yeah, read the book, then take the test.

Question:I know this is called cheating, but i've just been so busy that I couldn't read. Please no books under 5 points. Thanks! I'd like for you to give me the book name and the AR (Accelerated Reader) test answers. Thanks!

Answers:I don't think people are going to be able to just give you the answers. just pick up a book and read. to busy just read a bit at night a book will go fast.

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How to approach the IELTS reading test :Visit www.ieltsforfree.com to take a free IELTS practice test! This is one of the 350+ videos that are used in our online course. Each video is followed by practice questions and examples, building your skills in all the areas needed for IELTS. Go to http for more information and to try the free IELTS practice test. NARRATION: To improve the speed at which you can complete an IELTS reading test, it is important that you have a clear plan about how you are going to approach the test. The skills you need to effectively answer the questions have just been mentioned - skimming, scanning and reading for detail. However, how you use these skills will determine how effective they are. When the test begins, you should first look at the title of the reading passage if it has one, and any illustrations that may be given. These may give you an indication of what the passage is about. Next, skim the question types - you are not aiming for a 100% understanding of everything, just enough to know what type of questions you will need to answer. Third, skim the reading passage. Again, you are not looking to understand the entire passage - just enough to answer the question 'what is it about?'. Then you go back to the questions, use the skills we will present in this course for each particular question type and then scan for the answers using keywords, synonyms or rephrases. Once you have found the relevant section of the passage, you then need to read for detail to confirm your answer ...