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absorbance formula

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Question:Given the absorbance = .081 How do we calculate the percent transmittance given the formula: A=-log(%T/100) P.S. I really don't remember how logs work so please help me somebody :( Thanks.

Answers:Solving for %T: 10^-A = 10^(log(%T/100)); 10^-A = %T/100; 100*10^-A = %T. Substituting, 100*10^-0.081 = %T = 83.0.

Question:Info: %T=100T

Answers:Just compute: T=0.507, 1/T=1.972 and log(1/T)=0.295

Question:My 4 months old son poop all most 4-5 times daily (24hrs), I've called the clinic regarding his frequent bowel movements and they said it's normal as long he's been drinking well, comfortable and happy but i've forgotten to ask them if he still can absorb sufficient nutrients from the formula since he poop so often? I hope you gals could help me.. Thank you so much!!!

Answers:Babies tend to poop often. They eat a liquid diet which moves quickly through their system. By the time the waste products make it that far, all nutrients have been absorbed. (And those that are not [the iron in formula, for example, is VERY poorly absorbed] won't be aborbed no matter how long it sits it baby's colon.)


Answers:Be more explicit, please. Are you talking about distribution half life or metabolic half life? Dose is not directly related to metabolic half-life. Moreover, for the overwhelming majority of licit and illicit drugs, half life is so much greater than the time for absorption that the it would be clinically insignificant.