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Question:5x^-2y^10 over 2x^-1(-3x^-3y^-1)^-2

Answers:(45/2)x^-7 y^8



Question:y = x^2 + x + 11 The value of y is a prime number when x = 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 The following statement is NOT true.. 'y= x^2 + x + 11 is ALWAYS a prime number when x is an interger' show that the statement is not true! PLEASE HELP NEEDED

Answers:All you need is a counter example. For example, try x = 10. y = 10 + 10 + 11 y = 121 121 is 11 which is not prime.

Question:f(x) = 2x2 + 3x 2. (a) Solve the equation f(x) = 0. (b) Sketch the curve with equation y = f(x), showing the coordinates of any points of intersection with the coordinate axes. (c) Find the coordinates of the points where the curve with equation y = f( 1/2 x) crosses the coordinate axes. (3) When the graph of y = f(x) is translated by 1 unit in the positive x-direction it maps onto the graph with equation y = ax^2 + bx + c, where a, b and c are constants. (d) Find the values of a, b and c.

Answers:a (2x-1)(x+2) x = -2 or 1/2

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Fallout New Vegas- "Very Hard" Character Build :This is a character build designed to conquer even the most difficult battles on Very Hard difficulty in Fallout New Vegas, without depending on gimmick weapons like the Alien Blaster. It revolves around massively increasing critical hit percentages and damage bonuses to make a particular set of weapons obscenely powerful. I spent a good deal of time on this video, so any suggestions/comments/thumbs up would be appreciated. Unfortunately I had to cut out a bit to keep it in the 15 minute limit, but the important gameplay commentary is there. Final SPECIAL stats: Strength- 6 Perception- 7 (+) Endurance- 9 Charisma- 2 Intelligence- 4 Agility- 10 Luck- 10 Traits: Kamikaze Built To Destroy Important skills: Guns- 100 Lockpick- 100 Melee Weapons- 45 Repair- 90 Science- 70 Survival- 45 Perks: Confirmed Bachelor Run n' Gun (45 Guns) Travel Light (45 Survival) Gunslinger Rapid Reload (AG 5) Commando Finesse Sniper (6 PE, 6 AG) Cowboy (45 Guns, 45 Melee) Hand Loader (70 Repair) Better Criticals (6 PE, 6 LK) Grim Reaper's Sprint Nerves of Steel (7 AG) Action Boy (6 AG) Math Wrath (70 Science) Points I wasn't able to bring up in the commentary: -You need the Cowboy perk to boost the power of the Ranger Sequoia. This also makes the cowboy repeater much more powerful, which is useful until you get the Sniper Rifle. -I recommend using Psycho/Med-X liberally, the power bonus is very noticeable and I always use it before difficult fights (such as against deathclaws) -Confirmed Bachelor ...