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a picture of a plant cell with labels

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Question:i cant find one on the internet with all parts


Question:i'm doing a poster project in science, and we need to either draw or print a picture of a plant cell with these parts shown, and correctly labeled: Cell membrane, Nucleus, Chloroplasts, Mitochondria, Vacuole, Golgi body, Ribosomes, Lysosomes, and the Endoplasmic Riticulum (ER). i've searched google images, and i can't find any picture with all of these labeled. Any help? PS my drawing is very crappy.

Answers:http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/plants/cell/ this will take you to one. but you should not find a lysosome organelle in a plant unless its special one. they are used to break down cellular items for energy where plants use photosynthesis for energy instead. some have a similar things such as yeast who do digest to some level but their organelle is called a lytic vacuoles

Question:Hi, i am trying to label a eukaryotic plant cell but the diagrams i have found so far are not as detailed as i need and i basically need help labelling this: http://i36.tinypic.com/vh9st1.jpg Can anyone provide a full list of answers to theses? Because all the diagrams are so different its confusing for me to know if i'm right or not? My answers so far are: 1. Ribosome 2. Nuclear Envelope 3. Chromatin 4. Nucleolus 5. Nucleus 6. Golgi Body 7. Peroxisome 8. Cell Wall 9. Cytoplasm 10. Plasmodesmata 11. Mitochondria 12. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum 13. ??? 14. Centrosome 15. ??? 16. ??? 17. Chloroplast 18. Central Vacuole If anyone knows my gaps and if my answers are right or not?

Answers:Try these - http://ridge.icu.ac.jp/gen-ed/cell-lect-gifs/04-eucaryote-plant-cell.GIF http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/P/plant_cell.html

Question:I NEED A LINK!!! ok i need a pic of an animal cell that has all these things labeled... 1.Nucleus 2.Ribosome 3.Vacuole 4.Mitochondria 5.Cytoplasm 6.Golgi-bodies 7.Lysosome 8.Cell Membrane and i need a plant cell that has all those things plus chloroplast and a cell wall!! please give me anything you have that is relatively close to that thank you so much!!!

Answers:ANIMAL: http://www.animalport.com/img/Animal-Cell.jpg http://www.hwdsb.on.ca/winona/woodsnews/images/animal_cell.gif PLANT: http://www.steve.gb.com/images/science/plant_cell.png http://www.fortbend.k12.tx.us/mastersonline/Ft_Bend_ISD/6306/qvms/johnson/graphics/plant.jpg