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Answers:A negative and a negative is always a positive.

Question:-36 divided by -4 equals a negative or positive 9 I know it may seem like a dumb question but seriously it confuses me :( I just need some quick help thanks God Bless Good Luck in life

Answers:If You Are Multiplying Or Dividing if the signs are the same its a positive if they are different its a negative ex. -9x2=-18 if you are adding or substracting the number with the high number is the sign ex. -9+2=-7 hope i helped?

Question:Using a simplistic rule from pre-algebra, i came up with a question. If you divide a positive number by a negative number, or vice-versa, you geta negative number as the answer. If infinity (positive) divides itself by negative infinity, won't it egual negative infinity?

Answers:Numbers can't divide; we divide. We divide 12 by 3 to get 4; the number 3 can't divide anything; it isn't a sentient being, and neither can infinity. It depends on what you mean by infinity. If you mean potential infinity, maybe you mean something like (1/x) / (-1/x) when x = or approaches 0. If you take a number close to 0, you can perform the divisions. Simplifying the expression gives you -1 regardless of x, so if x approaches 0, this expression approaches -1. I.e., infinity divided by negative infinity is -1, not negative infinity. Actually the quotient infinity / (-infinity) is indeterminate and could be any value, including infinity. If you mean actual infinities, such as the transfinite ordinal number w (omega), your equation still does not hold, for in the surreal numbers, w / (-w) = -1, not -w. You can cancel the w's as if they were 2s or something. You need to take a higher ordinal infinity such as w^2 to get -w: w^2/(-w) = -w.

Question:Yeah, I'm having trouble with my math and need help. Thanks. :)

Answers:Yes, a negative divided by a positive always equals a negative. A negative divided by a negative will be positive. A positive divided by a negative will be negative. A positive divided by a positive will always be positive.

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