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Question:plz give me the same i need it as soon as possible

Answers:Well actually, Matt C's suggestion is a periodic table, but it doesn't give oxidation numbers. Try this one instead. http://www.standnes.no/chemix/periodictable/oxidation-numbers-elements.htm

Question:this question is regarding my chemistry project

Answers:On top of the periodic table, you see IA, IIA, IIIA, IVA, that's the American old system of group number for representative elements. International system uses group 1, 2, 13, and 14. The I, II, III, IV, etc ... represents the valency (outermost electrons) of the elements in the group. So, Li, Na, Ka are with valency of 1; Mg, Ca are with valency of 2; Al, In are with valency of 3; C, Sn, Pb are with valency of 4. The group "B"s are transition metals, the valency is different.

Question:we recently started chemistry in school and our teacher gave us a list of things he called valencies that were like O-2 or iron+1,2or3 or something like that......is there anywhere i can find a list of all the valencies for the periodic table or is there a way to predict the valencies of some elements if your know some?? thanks and any help would be appreciated =) oh and could you say wich ones are posotive valecies and wich ones are negative beacause i dont know how to tell the difference thanks (i realy suck at this stuff lol)

Answers:I will give you a link to a periodic table that will help with "valencies" called oxidation states. Just click on the element and page down the window that comes up. The information will appear under the heading of oxidation states. Happy reading. :)

Question:and i dont want it in the periodic table form i want it as a list of elements and radicals with their valencies alongwith their atomic no. , mass no., electronic configuration, and of course, their symbols.

Answers:here its inter active or color coded and expanded wow for all that i need a local