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Question:If nylon is manufactured using plastic then does that make it a good conductor of heat or a poor conductor (insulator) of heat?

Answers:Nylon has good resistance to high voltages. Nylon is used in the variety of other materials to improve weathering and stiffness. It is also impact resistance, so this can be used in robust usages. Therefore, Nylon is an insulator, making it a poor conductor. Check out the given websites for a larger picture on what exactly constitutes a conductor an an insulator. Cheers -- Bill Nye the Science Guy ( lol just kidding! )

Question:A. poor insulator B. good insulator C. neither a poor nor a good insulator

Answers:If it's a good conductor of heat, it's a poor insulator of heat.

Question:i don't know this but i think plastic is a very good heat insulator

Answers:"plastic" takes in a rather broad spectrum. It is a medium to poor conductor of heat. plastic that has closed cell air bubbles like a coffee cup acts as an excellent insulator, however it is the air pockets that make it effective. Plastics can be used on cookware to give an insulated handle. Epoxy compounds can join materials that need thermal conduction, especially if the epoxy is doped with metal plastic is "blind" to radiation, so it allows ice to form quickly when the tray is put in the freezer as heat radiates out of the water. far superior in function to aluminum trays even though aluminum is a better conductor of heat.

Question:I am looking for a poor heat conductor for a project... we need to keep 500mL of hot water warm for approx. 1 hour. Would clay keep the heat from leaving?

Answers:Clay would be fairly good and would be even better if you could make a double walled container with dead air in between. Failing that use a very thick clay wall for the container. Make sure the seal is good between the lid and the container. I am making the assumption that you have to use a natural material for this container. Clay will probably work as well as any and it is easy to shape into a container. The container should also be as spherical as possible to ensure the minimum amount of surface area for the container. That will also reduce heat flow.