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Question:1.) (2x+1) (x-7) 2.) 4x-1 =4 3.) x = 2

Answers:1) is because a expression doesn't have a = while a equation does :)


Answers:y(x) = a x^3 + b x^2 + c x + d


Answers:its really quite simple, if it has an "=" in it, its an equation....everything else are expressions. think about it, the key word in equation?.....equa___ it almost spells "equals" for you. here are some examples: equations: 2x + 5 = 3 y = mx + b distance = rate * time expressions: (2x+1) (3x-2)(2x+5) x/5 + 2x hope that helped a bit. good luck

Question:How do you write an algebraic expression for the nth term in the sequence if the sequence is not a linear increasing/decreasing pattern? For example: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11 <--- pattern = +1, +2, +3 So how do you write an algebraic expression on that? PLEASE HELP! I'm really stuck on it! ><

Answers:2nd term is +1 3rd term is +2 4th term is +3 . . . nth term is +(n-1) An = An-1 + (n-1)

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