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Question:ive been looking but every where i go it's only reviews and i want to know where i can read the book on line FOR FREE

Answers:Try your library's website for LEGAL and VIRUS-FREE downloads. E-piracy HURTS the writers you love and can kill your 'puter. Every "free" download is invisible to the publishers. They think your fav writer is not making sales. Then, when he has a new book to sell them, they turn him away, thinking his books are all losers for lack of sales. Result: no more new books from those writers. This is happening to the most popular writers. Library's count the checkouts and downloads, though, and order mor books if there are lots of them. Support writers, not e-pirates and viruses! ;>)

Question:I know I could buy it or go to the library, but I cant cuz I need it by 2morow, please help...

Answers:Sorry but Dave Peltzer deserves payment for his work.

Question:I can not find it

Answers:my husband bought me the books the set at the bookstore like waldens etc :) its such a good book

Question:i really want to read this book i am to a surviver of abuse and i always wanted to read it but we dont have alot of money where can i get this book for cheap? plz help

Answers:The library would be the cheapest. I'm certain it's there because it is a popular book. But since you want it online i would suggest Amazon.com or Ebay.com

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A Child Called It :I read this book &&icried twice..so for school we had to do a book trailer &&ichose this....mostt people never read it..but if yu watchh this video yu mightt wanna checkk it out...justt sayin:)

Book Analysis: The Child Called It :I had to do a book analysis for my Psychology class. So I chose the book, The Child Called It. Highly recommended for those who think life is full of flowers.