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9 Class Physics Working Model

Before we discuss about this whole we should know what a working model means as we all know what a model means it is kind of a replica which is made to demonstrate the original structure or plan. So a working model is the one which do some kind of function also. By this we mean instead of a still model we make a working one. A working does not imply that it should be of complexity. A working model can be of very simple function but the main motive of it is that it must explain why it is made like so. If we want to show how a pulley work than we can show it simply the use of it in well where women draws water with its help. It is of no use that you should make a complex working model for it. A working model is basically used by teachers or even by students to make understand the function and application of a particular fact. A working model does not mean that it should be made of those things which is hard to find or difficult to carry.

Now we will discuss what kind of topic which we can use in 9 class physics working model. Basically as we know that in class 9 we don’t have different category of all three subject which comprise science. In this class we have biology, physics and chemistry all in one, so one should choose the topics very carefully because we want to make model which work on principle of physics not any other topics.

In class 9 we have topics like motion, force and laws of motion, gravitation, work and energy and in last we have sound. The list can have more topics but these are few to name. a student can choose his favourite topic from these even these topics is a compilation of  number of sub topics like in energy we have heat energy or wind energy or energy produce by machines. In this way we can choose a topic which we can use to make our working model. In a working model we explain the principle behind the words which describe the fact. We can combine two facts to make our model more realistic and we should prepare our team to answer all the possible questions which can be put up after we show our working model.

Teachers basically use these activities to entertain their students to make them involved in the subject. If we incorporate these fun activities in our teaching students start liking all subjects. 9 class physics working model is one way to introduce students to the fun part of this subject. Teachers himself can be the part of these working models. Or they can guide students to make their efforts more into it by preparing a quiz or something like that. It will make other students also involved in the activity. In last we just want to say that science is a part of our day to day life we can make our children to learn this subject by very simple means. And working model is only a way to it.