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Math Working Model

There are various concepts in the field of mathematics and they can be used to generate models. 
These models can be termed as mathematical models. There can be different types of models ranging from the quadratic equation concept to exponential series. 
Working models help in solving the problems. Differential equations can be an example of mathematical modelling system. 
Mathematical models can be various fields of mathematics and science.  
There are subjects like physics, chemistry or biology or even metrology where this finds application. 

Every model is designed with a purpose. 
They can be used to study the behavior of various components present in the system and also used in the prediction of the behavior of the system. There are also various competitions designed in the field of mathematics keeping in view to explore newer talents.

They are known as Olympiads and are also for the students of the ninth grade.
The 9 class Math working models are considered to be less complex compared to the real time working models used in the field of science and technology. 
They can deal with various concepts and the language of Mathematics. 
These are heavily used in the field of operations research and also in the field of Statistics.
Statistics will be interesting for the people who have a desire for number crunching; otherwise it is kind of boring. 
People who do not have a penchant for numbers cannot excel in the field of statistics. 
Operations research can also be used to generate lot of models. 
Operations research can be used to generate models for optimization of costs or variables which are related to business. 

Mathematical models usually are placed in two categories. 
This classification is based on the principle of availability of data. 
If no data is available before the development of a model then it is known as the black box model and if some information is available before the development of the model then it is called the white box model. 

The concept of black box is used in various fields. There can be various variables used in the development of the models. 
Variables are those whose values do not remain constant and changes over time. 
The variables can be classified as the decision variable, the variable that acts as the input, and the variable that represents the output and so on. Then there are the random variables as well.

One of the example of the several models that are used in the lower grades in mathematics is the bar model. 
Mathematical problems can be solved easily and without much effort when these are used. 
Basically a model is created for a problem and the problem is analyzed. 
This makes the analysis and the process of arriving at the solution gets simplified. 
The solution obtained could easily be verified as well. 
This is one of the major advantages and time can also be saved. 
Time is a major resource and has to be used efficiently. 

The 9 class math working models can be helpful in solving the problems based on the needs of the 9th grade students. 
The field of geometry can also be explored with the help of these. 
There are various theorems that must be learnt in the field of geometry. 
Before the use of a theorem this must also be proved. 
The proof is obtained with the help of axioms. 
The axioms are nothing but the facts that are to be accepted without any proof. 
They can come in handy in finding the proof of a theorem. 
Once the theorems are proved they can be easily used to solve the problems and obtain the solutions.