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8th grade physical science study guide help

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Question:theres alot of things on the study guide that i cant find answers to , /: sooo , if you can , please please answer them [: make sure to put the # of the question & the answer [: 1. the color wave with the highest frequency is ? 2. what will blue pigment do ? 3.unbalanced forces exerted in opposite directions combined called ? 4. an airplane's ability to get off the ground because of "lift" is because of whose principle ? 5. when forces acting on an object are balanced the object will ? 6. when forces acting on an object are unbalanced the object will 7. a "push" that a fluid exerts on an object is called ? 8. what is the speed of a bicycle that travels 100 meters in 50 seconds ? 9. negative acceleration is the same as ? 10. when a girl jumps off a swing , she goes forward while the swing goes backward , represents which law ? 11. if a ball with a mass of 10kg is thrown and its acceleration is 20 m/s/s , then its force equals 200 newtons , represents which law ? 12. how do transverse , longitudinal , & surface waves differ ? 13. how do plane , convex , & concave mirrors differ ? 14. describe terminal velocity . 15. describe Bernoulli's principle .

Answers:Check this weblink and hope you will get answer from here. http://www.tcyonline.com/india/testCategory/categoryID/100282/cbse_icse_board_and_others_state_board_exams_preparation_and_practice_sets

Question:theres alot of things on the study guide that i cant find answers to , /: sooo , if you can , please please answer them [: make sure to put the # of the question & the answer [: 1. What area of the U.S is most at risk for tornadoes ? 2. In comparison to other countries' natural disasters , the US experiences the most. . . ? 3. What % of the earths surface made up of water ? 4. oceans , lakes , rivers , & other bodies of water make up part of the earth called the _________ . 5. of what biome are bison & prairie dogs a part of ? 6. A region of land that recieves less than 25 centimeters of rain per year is called ? 7. Russia , Greenland & Canada all have this type of biome ? 8. The largest biome in the world is . . . ? 9. Is the United States a republic ? 10. What are the characteristics of dictatorship ? 11. why are international organizations created ? 12. is every european country a member of the european union ? 13. what are the 3 MAJOR countries in North America ? 14. what are the provinces of canada ? 15. which of these states would be most likely to experience the coldest weather ? ^^ (i didn't understand what states they were talking about tho . . ?) 16. why do people in Mexico , Guatemala and Argentina speak Spanish ? 17. do europe's countries have very similar lifestyles languages & customs ? 18. describe the amazon river ? 19. in what region is panama located ? 20. why did spanish conquistadors come to south america ? 21. what is the name of the island famous for charles darwins observation of its turtles ? i have tried google , and wiki .

Answers:try this: www.google.com OR www.wikipedia.com

Question:anyone know the answers to the alien elements part of the chapter 5 (atoms and bonding) test from the prentice hall focus on physical science book? we already took the test but our teacher doesnt correct it until two more months and my grade really depends on it so i really need to know if i got the answer right or not

Answers:Pf Bo X-D-E-Fx-G-Nu-A-L By-Z-Yz-Hi-M-Up-Kt-J Q-Do-R-T-Ss-Oz-V-Wo Ch-Pi-An-El

Question:I have been trying my best to study on my own because our science teacher doesn't teach us anything! LITERALLY NOTHING! I attend a school where there are mostly foreign teachers and students and whenvever i ask a question, he starts talking REALLY REALLY fast to HIMSELF! Please help me! My TAKS test is on Thursday. THIS THURSDAY! I thank you for help in advance.

Answers:http://www.roomd113.com/TAKS%20TEST.htm I used the notes and the games. They helped me.

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8th Grade Survival Guide :How to survive 8th grade. Me and my friend elishka made this in science class to help the future 8th graders to survive. Hope you enjoy! ;D