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8th Grade Math Projects

Mathematics has always been an interesting subject provided once if you take interest in it. 
Varying from different grades, maths has been always played a very important role in enhancing one’s aptitude and reasoning ability. 
Starting from grade 1 to grade 10th we have all basic level of understanding and learning mathematics. 
Talking about the basic higher level 8th grade math projects, we have enough number of working models in the subject which can entertain the learner and can create interest in daily learning. 

There are many worksheets available on different sources to enhance your learning, although these working sheets are somewhat similar to the working models, but in 8th grade math projects, we provide you detailed learning according to individual IQ level.  
There are different topics that you are going to learn in 8th grade.

Starting from numbers and its application, such as divisibility, factorial, division rule, multiplication rule, addition rule and different logical reason based on analytical ability.
Elementary geometry and working models of finding different angles at different positions, modular and basic algebra including factorization and summation of factors will be adding advantage to the learning. 

We will try to explain different geometric figures and operations performed on it such as rotate or turn, reflect or flip vertically or horizontally, translate or slide, dilate or scale the figure. 
Solid figures such as cube, cone or cylinder will be explained their properties and characteristics and their behavior pattern shall be analyzed. 

In 8th grade maths project we will learn different working and non working models of mathematics. 
Pictorial representation such as bar chart, pie graph, histograms and ogive charts shall be used to determine the intensity of the data. 
Different modes of measuring the data will be analyzed and basic understanding of the models will be explained. 
Different topics such as pure mathematics which is comprised of percentage calculation, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, interest calculation and other application based operation will add more advantage to our learning. 

Set theory is yet another very important application based concept that needs to be more catered on focused upon. 
Set theory has very broad application in further world. Elementary and basic math are the basic concepts that is taught in 8th grade. 
Equations and in equations are yet another important concept in 8th grade maths. 
The basic understanding of equality is initiated in 8th grade only. Right from formation of linear equations to solving them would be complementary part in the model. 
Simultaneous equations in contrast with linear equations are also introduced in 8th grade.

Solving equations with different methodology using elimination method, substitution method and matrix method is also introduced in this model. Working of different maths model and understanding them would be bit complicated unless we don’t have proper conceptual understanding of the terms and formulas.

In Algebra, factorization plays an important role to enhance the logical and reasoning ability, with evolution of different patterns of solving and factorizing equations. 
Measuring different shapes and sizes using different formulas will help students to further evaluate their eligibility criteria. 

Finding ratios is another remarkable concept in mathematics. 
Let us consider an example of how to find ratios, ratios tell us that how one number is related to another number. 
A ratio may be written as A:B or A/B. Any ratio written in the form of 1:7 means that second number is 7 times larger than the first number. 
This may be number or any other thing, just for an example if a cake is distributed among 10 people then ratio 2 : 5 means 5 parts are made of one cake and out of those 5 parts 2 have been allotted for distribution, this is known as fraction.

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Question:Okay, so I have this math project for the pythagorean theorem. Here's the problem: Daniella goes camping with with her friends. She has a tent for the boys, the girls, and of course the parents. Each tent is 78 inches on the bottom and 42 inches on each side, but Daniella forgot support stick. Calculate how tall of a stick Daniella needs for the tent support stick. So I got 15.58. Can you try it and tell me if I'm right before I put it up on a poster and get it wrong? Thank you so much!

Answers:No that's not right... the hypotenuse is always the largest side. it would be 88.6 because u have to square 78 and 42 then add them together. then u have to square root the answer.


Answers:do u go to quimby oak middle school? are you Bobby Atwal? is it caled mathARTmathics showcase? is it due on April 13 2010?

Question:It says What is the solution to the system of linear equations 2x + y =6 y = x +6 and What is the solution to the system of linear equations 3x + 4y = 8 x + 3y = 11 Any help will be appreciated, tahnks. No rude answers, please.. I take online classes and I have no textbook, and my teacher isn't available.

Answers:2x+y=6 y=x+6 2x+x+6=6 3x=0 x=0 y=6 (0, 6) 3x+4y=8 x+3y=11 x=11-3y 3(11-3y)+4y=8 33-9y+4y=8 25=5y 5=y x=-4 (-4, 5)

Question:Show how a model can be used to solve a problem. (Linear equations assesment worksheet) Choose only two (2) of the questions listed below. (I chose the one about the ducks) Draw the model, labeling all the parts so it is clear to your teacher what the model represents. (did it) Draw the model so that it shows the answer. (Did it) Write at least three sentences to explain your model. (math sentences or actual English sentences?) Include a sentence that shows how you know your answer is correct. (Wth?) 1. A farmer has cows and ducks on a truck. These are the only creatures on the truck. Altogether, there are 15 heads and 44 legs on the truck. How many cows are on the truck? How many ducks? I am not cheting, I just don't undersatnd this. I don't have a textbook, I take online classes and need to finsih this assignment by today. Any help will be appreciated. No rude answers please, i am not a cheater, i dont have a textbook and my teacher isnt available for the week.

Answers:let x = number of cows let y = number of ducks x+y=15 (each animal only has one head) 4x+2y=44 (each cow has 4 legs, each duck has 2) now you have a system of equations that you can solve by elimination or substitution x=15-y 4(15-y)+2y=44 60-4y+2y=44 16=2y 8=y 7=x 7cows 8ducks

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Geometry Live! 8th grade math video project, funny :Done for an 8th grade video project. Funny, with helpers, etc. This is only the first half.

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