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8 Class Physics Working Models

8 class physics working models are a physics working model which is based on the concepts studied in the 8th class. In working model, first important point is to understand the basic concepts of the topic which working model is based on. If the theoretical concepts (which include theory as well as the related formulas) are clear, then we can easily apply to make working models. Working models in physics are of three types, one which already exists, second which is already existing but modified to improve the efficiency etc, and the last one is related to the new discovery of something. The base of all this is to make the working model of those equipment which are already existing. Because this will not only increase the confidence but practically it will the facts and figures in much better way. The same facts and figures can be utilized later for R & D purpose.

Now here we will try to make one working model based on 8 class physics topic. Let us suppose the topic is ‘Force and Pressure’. Based on this topic we can make one working system where pressure requirement is minimum, it means the force requirement is minimum. This is very simple working model. Sometimes we push stone with lot of force on some area of stone that is we actually apply lot of pressure but in turn the result is not satisfactory. To make the result satisfactory we need to design such thing which can help in forcing the stone to move from one position to other with minimum pressure.

Since we know that pressure = force/area, so to minimize the pressure we need to minimize the force actually. For that case we can design the lever with the help of above formula and also with the help of trigonometry. If the force and pressure concept is clear, one can make lever design in better way. One can design the lever such the pressure applied with minimum. Since the stone is in the sphere then we have to see that lever will act on maximum area with minimum force. Maximum area is required because pressure is inversely proportional to the area. So if area will be maximized then in that case pressure will be less and also if the force will be minimized then the pressure will also be minimized. So this way we can save our lot of energy in pushing the stones.

From above working model it is very clear that if physics concepts are clear then one make effective working models. The effective working model means the working models which are really helpful in saving our energy. So if we summarize this, then we can say that the physics concepts along with some mathematical knowledge are the building of the physics working model. It is also important note that understanding of physics formula is not only important point but its application in different situation and in different environmental conditions area also very important and it is also critical. So this is all about 8 class physics working models.